Summary of Function X All-Hands Meeting on 21st October 2021

Thank you for those who have participating the October All-Hands meeting via Twitter Spaces. We have over 105 participants in this meeting.

Here is the brief summary:

1. Function X Governance Proposal
Currently, we have 3 proposals submitted, 2 proposals submitted by the Foundation and 1 proposal submitted by the community member. Let’s dig into more details:

a. Binance Smart Chain integration
Function X foundation is proposing to work on deploying Binance Smart Chain (BSC) onto Function X. This will expand BSC’s ecosystem and liquidity into Function X ecosystem (including PundiXChain, FXCore, etc). The proposal has been supported by the community (the proposal has already reached 40% quorum).

In the next 14 days, we will start to integrate Binance Smart Chain to our ecosystem, including utilizing Pancake Swap. There will be a liquidity reward program launched on Pancake Swap. Please stay tune for more details.

b. Function X Decentralized Marketing aka f(x)DM
The voting for Function X Decentralized Marketing is still running and so far, it is supported by the community. We think this program is very important to show our appreciation to the community that have supported us (especially in a creative way). As we all know, Function X is aiming to be fully decentralized and we rely a lot on the community. Without community, Function X will could not do so much. It is from community, to community.

This proposal will deploy 1 million USD worth of $FX from the EGF fund for 2 years and will be distributed for the community members who have submitted their creative works and will be chosen by the FXneers (Function X Marketing Engineers). This FXneers consist of 7 people ( 3 from Function X Foundation and 4 from community members). Community members who interested to become FXNeers can reach out to Function X Twitter by DM and inform their Twitter, Telegram username and the FX Wallet address. If the applicants reach more than 4, we will choose by the FX holding amounts. This FXNeers members will be rotate every 6 months. You can check the proposal in here.

c. Nammy — Cross Chain Extension for accessing FX and multi-chain
This proposal is proposed by Community member (


). Kenorb is experienced in building a browser extension wallet and looking to build this solution in Function X ecosystem. You can check the proposal in here.

2. f(x)Core validator node setup

  • Currently, there are 3 teams setting up the public testnet validator. By the end of this month / early next month, we will launch the mainnet for the public to validator nodes. This is a gradual decentralization process, not a switch button to build a decentralized ecosystem.
  • Feedback from community members (Wolfpack): The setup tutorial is very helpful and please check this thread for more information. Richard from Function X the developer team, assisting the public validator setup. For those who are interested in setting one, it is suggested to have the programing skills so the community validator can debug the problems by themselves.


  • API will be open up for the upcoming DEX. More information will be shared later.
  • The developers are currently working to integrate smart contract into Function X Blockchain (exploring WASM and EVM smart contracts as well).

4. Cross chain bridge on desktop
Based on the feedback from community, cross chain bridge solution (web version or desktop version) is needed. We think it will be the best if this could be handled by community members by submitting a new proposal and funded by EGF. If you are interested, please let us know your interest and submit your proposal.

4. Community-led project

Blindbox / DAOVerse
Special thanks to Kuzo (Pundi X Sherif) and Patrick (Alchimist) who initiated and are currently building this. This project is the development from Blindbox (@BlindboxProject). The initial idea of Blindbox was a random generated number on NFT, and now it is developed to a NFT Game concept.
By next week, the DAOVerse team will launch a website to showcase 20 classes + subclasses. There will be updates on the social media account (@BlindboxProject). Please stay tune.

5. Update on BOB Phone
There are many questions on forum regarding to this topic. At this moment it is not our focus although we have built the proof of concept and the source codes. So it is not impossible that we will launch it in the future, together with the third party company / manufacturer. Our focus right now is on the Stage 3 of the mainnet launch which is DEX and also the Decentralized XPOS.

That’s all for this month. Once again, thanks for your participation in this meeting.

What do you think about our All-hands Meeting in Twitter Spaces? Is it a good way for you to engage and participate? What can we do to make it better? Welcome to discuss and feedback at