Swap costs - PundiX to FX and FX to PundiX

Noob question, if I want to swap $1000 worth of PundiX to FX, I should Receive $1000 worth of FX? (Less gas fees?) And vice versa?

There’s no swap from $PUNDIX to $FX. You can stake your $PUNDIX tokens to earn $FX but at the end of this process, you get all your $PUNDIX back plus some $FX.

Here’s a guide that can help you understand the staking process. Function X: March Hash Out- Part I + Part II

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you can only use exchanges for that… you can’t swap it directly

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Thanks but you can swap PundiX to FX and stake your FX. And that was my mistake…

a swap like you are talking about is using a decentralized exchange contract… thats what i meant.

there is no “natural” swap like 1:1 or 1000:1 from npxs to pundix… its using an exchange so you have to pay fees to the exchange and/or blockchain governance

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