Swap old NXPS tokens for PUNDIX

hi there, I tried unsuccessfully to connect my ledger to the pundix swap site last year so didn’t manage to swap for the new tokens. Though today I managed to connect ledger to swappundix .com successfully and am looking for some guidance as to how to complete the swap. Can someone help me with this please?

Don’t do that ! This does not seem to be an official website !

In order to swap your npxs to PundiX the safest way is to use the f(x)wallet, if you’ve not been stolen all your tokens already !!!

wait huh? this is the official swap site, surely ? Pundi X – Making cryptocurrency accessible to everyone

Hi Wiseimp

Juat to confirm that is the correct site to swap for Ledger.

Also please see your reddit message for more details regarding the ledger swap.

But I’ll paste below how to as well; the reddit message has a YouTube video attached.

Option 2: Swap on the official website

This is the ONLY official link to the swap site: https://swap.pundix.com

If your NPXS is in other blockchain wallets, such as MetaMask, ImToken or the Ledger wallet, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Visit the swap link and connect your wallet to process.

If you are using Metamask, you can connect your wallet via Metamask.

If you are using imToken, Trust wallet or any other wallets that have the Wallet Connect function, you can connect your wallet via WalletConnect.

If you are using hardware wallet Ledger, you can connect your wallet via Ledger.

*Please make sure your wallet has sufficient ETH for the swap transaction gas fee.

  1. Approve your NPXS to swap (ETH gas fee to be charged for ‘Approval’)

For Ledger users, if you encounter errors, you will need to update your Ledger firmware to the latest version and allow Contract Data to complete the transaction. Here is how:
In order to unlock your Ledger, simply enter your PIN code into your Ledger, and navigate to the “Ethereum” app on your Ledger. To enable contract data on your Ledger:

  • Unlock your Ledger
  • Go to “Ethereum”
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Go to “Contract Data”
  • Select “Yes”

This allow your Ledger to interact with smart contracts on Ethereum.

  1. Complete the swap transaction (ETH gas fee to be charged for ‘Place Order’)

  1. After the transaction succeeds, your PUNDIX token will arrive into your wallet. If you don’t see the PUNDIX on your wallet , please add PUNDIX via the contract address 0x0fd10b9899882a6f2fcb5c371e17e70fdee00c38