Temperature Check: upgrade f(x)Core and rebrand Function X to Pundi FX

I’m sure the community has a lot of questions. I am willing to assist wherever necessary. I am adaptable, so just let me know the time and date, and I will be there.

I’m available (and on vacations) on both dates. Injured, but available !! :smiley:
Just not on 24th please !


I’m usually around before bed at that time not earlier though, either day is fine a Friday is probably better for those up late. Always happy to help where I can.

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Im good with either date! Looking forward to it

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It’s personally really gratifying to see our community being so engaged in the discussion of Function X’s rebranding. One of our core values at Function X is decentralization and the ongoing discussion among the community regarding the future of Function X is testament to our commitment to decentralization and our community-first approach.

Understandably, there are a lot of people who are concerned about the rebranding of Function X to Pundi FX and the suggested changes to the $FX token ticker and the redenomination. We hear your concerns and are actively trying to clarify and address your questions, which is why we have decided to host a second X Space on 25 July.

I would like for us to take a step back and see the bigger picture of what we aim to achieve with the merger of f(x)Core and Pundi X Chain. The goal of the chain merger is to combine the strengths of both platforms under a unified blockchain network and a unified brand. We believe this will streamline our operations and make us more efficient and effective. With the newly merged chain and our more focused efforts, we will be able to roll out major new features such as chain abstraction and AI-driven DApps and features.

We’re glad to see that the community overall is supportive of the chain merger, and we understand the concerns about the consequences of the merger on the tokenomics of $FX and $PUNDIX. The team has heard your concerns loud and clear, and are actively and strategically working out the best plan to transition us to the new token regime and more importantly to communicate as much and as clearly as possible to you, our community.


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