Testnet - LP Restaking Farm

Hi all,

Nice to see you all.
We are currently building a LP Restaking Farm for $PURSE on Binance Smart Chain. Please note that, this farm is still on Testnet.

You will be able to test it out.
Here is the tutorial link : [Testnet] LP Restaking Farm Tutorial | by Indra Winarta | Medium

Please let me know in this thread, if you have any suggestion / found any bugs, so we can improve further.

The farm on Mainnet is scheduled for November 2021, please follow Pundi X official channel for confirmation.

Thanks for all the support.


Hi, I tried to claim LP token (step 5), but transaction failed - TXID

wait, let us check.

hi, please try this one: Contract Address 0xb122406Be27bC1859B0CE981514f70f5Ca334d9c | BscScan

should works with the new link, it has been updated on the medium as well. let me know if there is any problem.

Thanks, this one worked, but I can only use these LP tokens for 1INCH mBTC-PURSE farm, on other farms it doesn’t show up. If it’s meant to be like this then everything is fine.

Yes, for now, can use that LP testnet token first.

I had no success with this one either, getting an insufficient funds for a fee I have not funds to pay with

Do you have enough bnb testnet as gas?
Kindly send your tx hash here, so i can help to do further check.

is the wallet address, from my understanding I need some testnet bnb to get some from the faucet, but i have no testnet BNB, there is no TX that i’m aware of as no TX was made

Hi, just sent the BNB testnet to your wallet.
You can request here if you need more Binance Smart Chain: Faucet


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ok I got to the LP creation, I gather I’m staking testnet PURSE i’m not seeing where I get those, as I have no PURSE to stake

Hi, you can refer to this article [Testnet] LP Restaking Farm Tutorial | by Indra Winarta | Medium

You can request the LP testnet token in the smart contract stated in this article.

Hope it helps.

I tried; it i spent some BNB but don’t know how the see testnet PURSE if i got some, I had the faucet mixed up before is why i didn’t get the BNB, but so far I have failed to get PURSE i’ll try again tomorrow

if i checked from your address, you have requested for the LP testnet token.

To get the $PURSE token, you need to restaking the LP to the farm.
Once you staked, you will start to receive the rewards in $PURSE and you can choose to harvest it.

Hope it helps.

I have an error in the transaction… when I click(transaction error)


May i know your testnet address? I need to do further check.



for this tx: Binance Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | BscScan

Is it an error when u deposit the LP? please confirm.
We might need some time to check, thanks for reporting this case.

Yes it’s happening in the second confirmation. As you see in the picture, let me know if you need more details…:pray:

Hi, did you deposit on the correct LP farm? The farm is the 1INCH LP, just to confirm.