The 2nd batch of f(x)NEERs is here!

Dear Function X members,

With the efforts of the f(x)NEERs and the participation of the community, the FXDM has successfully completed the first six months of the 2-year program. During this period, over 100 submissions from the community were received and a total of 13,030 USD worth of $FX rewards were allocated to both the winners of each community voting and the first batch of f(x)NEERs.

We’d like to thank the first f(x)NEERs for their dedication to building the foundation of FXDM, and welcome the second batch of f(x)NEERs!

The f(x)NEERs consist of 3 members from Function X/ Pundi X and 4 members from the community. They will be responsible for reviewing and selecting high-quality marketing materials submitted for Function X official channels and/or Self-Owned / 3rd Party Channels submitted by content creators and community members. The f(x)NEERS are not allowed to join this program as a participant during their tenure (each tenure for the community volunteers is 6 months); in addition, they are requested to promote the FXDM program on their own social media on a weekly basis.

After a round of selection, we’d like to announce that 4 members from the first f(x)NEERs, David Ben Kay, Judie Liu, Andreas Harpas, and Claudio, will continue as f(x)NEERs with the new additional members Crypto Knightrider, Jan, and Loil from Fox Gaming.

The engagement and contribution of community members are crucial to the success of growing the Function X Ecosystem. Go to for more information on how to participate in FXDM and we look forward to seeing more creativities from the community.

Welcome the new f(x)NEERS, and let’s keep creating for a stronger Function X Community!


cool! Good luck !!!