The backbone of rebrand and network merge - Dev and Community support

As one of the contributors of the Function X ecosystem, how can we benefit from the rebranding and network merge?

Have you considered to get in some VCs to back the rebranding and AI narrative? @zaccheah


I hope we learned from our mistakes. Marketing and adaption strategies are revamped to match the proven strategies in this space.

Lots of unused CSP funds leverage, which can be put to real good use with this major rebrand.

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A good start would be a media presentation that shows & explains how the project is all one BRAND; & how it empowers the ecosystem, If you can’t clearly display our powers in blockchain and it’s unified functions, the event is not going to impress anyone, already there should be a video of the unification coming, or we will fall on deaf ears.

Projects that don’t capture the OG’s of crypto with major followings don’t get shilled by them, you need that back. only way is to impress them you have a niche, power, utility, use case & a long strong future.


Hi @Danny always great to hear ur thoughts!

FunctionX has not taken any VC money, which is our unique identity, some say it’s a strength.

As we are well-funded, engaging the VC is about other external resources other than money. Perhaps we can use the power of the community to acquire these resources and pass on the benefit to the community directly instead of VCs. It’s very similar to how PundiX operated in 2017 ICO cycle where none of the allocation was given to VC, when VC wanted the allocation, they had to buy like any other from the public page.

Perhaps one thing we could do is to open up some allocation for $FX ($newFX) for community with a discounted rate, and vested. That way we can raise some money, which is really symbolic as we don’t need it and the raise will be a small amount, say $500,000. But the buyers will be locked (vested) for some time and. Thoughts?

To @cop4200 we plan to deploy CSP much more aggressively on AI projects very soon. Agree w @LKYBOB on ONE BRAND, super important and that’s why we are going through the rebrand rn.


Look out I woke up this morning with an idea / concept maybe we can incorporate - I’ll try to type it out.

When Binance created BNB as a fee coin for trading on it’s CEX’s I understood it’s connection would bring it long term value for it’s utility especially with the universal use no matter what coin you trade; the Idea is to bring something powerful to Xpos TX’s with Benefit’s that reverberate through our hole Eco-system but most important give the main - net a backbone structure & strength , with the advent of NFT’s we seen the introductory of the use or reward for holding special limited addition NFT’s example MarginX trading fee reducing NFT’s for holding them in your Trading wallets, Now with the advent of the new 404-NFT’s which we are dabbling with in PURSE tokens, something maybe already cooking in our ecosystem - but what i’m trying to come too is an Idea how we can use the power of a 404- NFT of just an NFT, on the new PundixFx network that can be “purchased anytime” using PundixFx or combination that is held in the main net wallets - maybe it can Automatically connect to a validator (swap obtained one’s have a 1 year lockup new 21 days) to not only help secure the network but receive return; also PURSE rewards when an ecosystem wallet uses Xpos, PundixFx being the power behind the NFT too bring power / stability to the main net network - power to people’s ecosystem wallets and Benefit’s for holding it, people love Free stuff Include one or more to the changes for free, holding more builds you more return & benefit’s - anymore features that can be added can only build more desire to keep it held in their wallets. maybe rather then a total re-domination where our token count is reduced so much; it could be replaced with other benefit’s at the same time - say we end up with 700 million token supply and I had held 100 FX after I hold 1 new PundixFX & NFT’s to the power of 1 404-NFT or just NFT with an expandable utility held in our ecosystem main net wallets.

the idea was sort of growing while I go there but I think i relayed the concept. It maybe too close to the coming changes to do it in the swap - but maybe this can be set as a coming additive you’ll receive after the event; the project maybe just retains the supply quantity needed to cover the second part to come, but what ever is promised must deliver. Cheers

end note I think if you really insist on a re-denomination, for long term holders & big bag holders they really need to come out with some sort of gold lining, it’s a minimum one could expect for 7 years support.

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