The growth of FX

Hello everyone, I did some study on fx from inception to date haven been an old investor and during my study I also considered the team involvement with Pundix, XPOS and their view on the the Fx token and Pundix token. These are are my observation for the team and community from my study.

First is the Fx ROI (Return on investment) : If the Fx and Pundix ROI don’t recover from the market anytime soon especially considering how many years these tokens have existed in the market, it would discourage major investors from coming in. I know the team has bigger interests in getting governments, banks, etc involved but all these big people need to confirm your ROI as one of their convincing factors. For quite a long period of time, the ROI of both tokens have been very low over the years.

The second is chain interaction with other crypto payment ecosystems. There are several payment crypto related sites and payment portals out there but Fx is barely getting any attention on any of them despite it’s relationship with Pundix is for the similar purpose of payment system in the crypto sphere. Fx defenitely need to be part of more crypto payment related portals and sites as one of its priorities because it is has the capacity to be a leader on this area.

The third is observation is more of a suggestion to the team. This suggestion is that we need more friendly related apps that are addictive to users on the Fx ecosystem. Something to do and while away time but not about staking or delegating tokens entirely. Delegation and staking could form part but not necessarily the whole essence, I understand the team would prefer the community members make that happen but community member would prefer seeing a guide. In other words the team should lead the way and create something fun with the idea of what they expect so that community members can pick up from there.
I hope the team members understand my observation, suggestion and request.


i agree with you

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how can we help?


It’s up to the team to tell us what the challenges are and let us in on how we can be of assistance especially to increase our ROI. We need to change that candle to green completely


Hey @Gordstine, I presume you are Austin from TG right?

Let me share some of my personal thoughts as a community member as I have been supporting since the very start from the ICO as well.

  • I believe the team has always been product-driven which is why I have supported them since 2018.

While I can understand that price action may be on the mind of each investor in this ecosystem, I hope we can understand that → the market may not always reflect the true value of a company’s genuine value.

As members of the community, I believe that discussing about what the team have been building and will be building in the near future would be more valuable to the ecosystem.

For example, the big 7 tech companies in the S&P500 were struggling in their early days, almost went bankrupt and as they persevere, the market started to recognize their true value.

  • The team have been partnering with projects and have given hints on Twitter about integrating FXCore to Cosmos bridges.
  • One special highlight that I think the community may have missed is that the team is discussing with an exchange to list native FX using FXCore. I think most of the community members would be happy to hear this. (Briefly mentioned by the team in another post.)

Cheers and let us do our part by spreading what the team has been building instead.

Let’s not forget that the team have continued to build, regardless of the market condition (Bull or Bear) which is the most important trait a company can have.


I agree with everything you are saying. But we need to be mindful of adoption curves. Really good projects can fail if adoption growth stalls.

Falling price of FX is mostly related to crypto bear cycle (no concern). But FX continuously dropping in crypto market cap rank can be an early indication of adoption stall.

I wholeheartedly agree, and I think the community has their well intentions to see the project through to success.

Adoption is undoubtedly challenging to obtain, as I’m sure every project struggles with this, even outside of Web3.

Nevertheless, the team is out there forging bonds by networking and establishing a relationship with other initiatives.

We can do our part and contribute by guiding other community members - like you and me, if they require any assistance as I’ve seen certain communities grow and flourish through helpful members in other projects which results in a strong community bond.


Yes, I think team needs to assure community that they are aware of adoption hurdle the project is going through. And for whatever reason, if team’s organic growth plan fails, they are prepared for a backup plan (VC, Investors, Partnerships etc).

FX is an amazing project, and a simple risk assessment can guarantee success.