Third Governance Voting - f(x)DM - Function X Decentralized Marketing

We are trying to get our on-chain voting page up by Oct (think on FXCore) but I think we can even go for manual on-chain voting, by sending 0.1 $FX for YES and 0.2 $FX for NO to an address to start in September. We calculate the sender’s total $FX tokens as the vote. Whatcha think? I think if it’s not too complicated we should just go with manual on-chain this round.


The sooner the better to get the motion rolling for everyone.

Its going to take time to get the community galvanized around this type of action and something like this will be a good test for us see how active the participation will be.

This can also give confidence to the proposal writers to begin work on their projects.

  • Oct - Wait for FXCore official on-chain voting system (similar to
  • Sept - Start with manual on-chain voting (send 0.1 / 0.2 $fx to a FX address to vote YES/ NO

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Should we wait till Oct, or start in September with a manual solution?


Hello @BlueStitch - Maybe you can add the “FX logo” also to the site of “Crypto Logos”

Then it will also be there immediately available, as is already the case for the logo of "PundiX " that you can download there as well as “.png-” & “.svg”-file (vector file that you can use in Adobe Illustrator).

As for the guidelines, as you suggested in the edited article would be nice.
We’ll see what comes out, but thanks in advance anyway.

Greetings Belgiumguy🇧🇪


Good idea. Will reach out :+1:

September. Start something

Hi team, we plan to put up a proposal for f(x)DM governance voting in the next 72 hrs. Any last minutes comments before we do so?


@zaccheah some fund allocation for paid marketing and to community wallet created for paid marketing, from FXDM


Thanks, I am aware of that. Much appreciated!


Hi everyone,

Function X Media Assets can be found here !

You may use the Function X name and logo in your article, graphic design, video, website or app as long as you adhere to Function X branding guidelines.

Enjoy and keep up your creativity content :clap:


I sincerely think the quorum of 40% is far too high as a start.
It seems to me like voting is not a priority for many investors.
Could we lower the voting quorum to 20% until proposal voting is implemented in the f(x)wallet app along with notifications of which proposals were already voted for, and which still need to be voted for ?


Thank you, everyone, for voting! Quorum is reached with 99.98% “YES” :white_check_mark: Stay tuned for the initiation of Function X Decentralized Marketing.


becoming a member of the FXNEER group please send us a message. #FX #governance

Where do People sign up to be eligible to receive rewards for marketing efforts?


Hello LKYBOB, participants can submit their content anytime either to (for contributing content for Function X official channels) or a link that is published directly via their own channels. You can also read further instructions depending on what your content is for here: Category 1 & Category 2

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Would it be a good idea to create a set of NFTs that represents supporters activities, like best content provider, best innovator, most active member etc
Each nft should have a utility like, one free withdraw from fx wallet etc


The next step for f(x)DM is to announce the f(x)NEER working group responsible for determining which submitted content will be eligible for the reward.

Stay tuned for the announcement in the upcoming days.


Hello all,

Good news! Today FXDM officially gets started. We are proud to reveal the first batch of FXNEERS.

Welcome aboard @DavidK, @Judie, myself, @ClaudioxBarros, @SCENE, @Telchar and @Cryptowars :clap: :clap:

Read more: f(x)NEER gears up to kick off a community-driven decentralized Marketing program | by ₿lue Stitch (Andreas) | Function X | Medium

Thank you for your support!


Glad to be here :grinning: Thank you :heart:

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Thank you :slight_smile: Honored to be part of FXNEERS!

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Glad to be part of the group as well!

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