This is what we need for Turkey and Pundi X

Hello from Turkey to all,

I’m an holder from NPXS and I’m good at for searching. I think Turkey market is an opportunity for Pundi X because our country is the best for FOMO and FOMO is so important for coin price to rise. @zaccheah I think you should have an agreement for marketing to Turkey. Believe me there are too much examples for FOMO in Turkey :slight_smile:

Thank you,

HODL Pundi X for +150$ in 2023(!)



şimdiden başarılar…

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Eyvallah hocam @serkan_ucar :+1:t3: İnşallah finalde hep birlikte güzel bir kazançla vedalaşırız bu coinden, kim bilir belki çocuklarımıza miras olur :slight_smile:

I believe this platform.

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Have you seen the twitter posts?

Yeah I saw all of that but this is not marketing. You should search of marketing meaning.

:smiley: yeah i have never seen people that are more FOMO than turks… so true :joy: