This video animator do videos of different altcoin - Get him

I wish PUNDIX or Function X can do these type of videos or at least, try to hire him to do a video about PUNDIX or Function X.

I know that the team doesn’t want to pay youtubers but these type of video is more of a educational / explanation video rather than a pump and dump influencer youtube video.


We need a video to explain what Pundi X / Function X is about in layman terms so we can mass-advertise it on all social media platforms.

Currently, Youtube doesn’t have any catchy videos about Pundi X / Function X that would attract eyes. Yes there are some but those are low quality videos imo that won’t actually attract smart investors or whales.


Nice Shill for Sol anyway, yeah you could just ask this person yourself to do the same for pundi, these people generally do these when they have a vested interest you can tell by their depth of knowledge of a project, I have yet to see a youtuber video that does Pundix Justice; I don’t have the right Narrator voice to do this or I would of been doing this years ago, we need someone fluid in Pundix project knowledge not a random youtuber who will miss so much relevant detail about Pundix as they always miss the mark. one that leaves out the unnecessary scepticism

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I dont own any coins except pundix, function x and ethereum. this was the latest video that appeared on my newsfeed when i clicked Cryptocurrency.

Im not shilling anything except Pundi X / Function X. My twitter says that.

And i totally agree with you that there is currently ZERO youtuber that do Pundi X / Function X justice.

You can tell from the video that smart investors / youtubers like these are the ones that attract the smarter investors who are coincidentally whales too.

Just wish we could find people who have in-depth knowledge of the economic trends combined with Pundi X’s goal, combined with Function X ecosystem to make a video about all these.

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this needs an up date but he’s my number one choice, I’m writing him a message on that video asking for an update now

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Yea saw his video since Pundi X’s ICO period, including Ian Balina.

Been commenting to do a update including many others but kinda hard if the youtuber is not vested anymore.

Anyone else got any youtube video that does Pundix justice drop it here we want to know who else we can ask for updates

Please go to the one above by GUY and ask him for an update please this guy also has done tv shows and is a well known person

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@Alchimist claims to have narration skills

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Whales need give reward to everyone who make video or promotion about pundix and fx coin

If i’am a whales i will give reward to anyone who help pundix and fx growing

But i’am just small holder
I just have 2000 fx

sure thing i already offered my voice for all videos and podcasts…

i am just a video editing noob…
@Richyshadowlux is our video editing pro here…

we actually have two proposals running for video creation… the voting system is not up yet…
maybe one of the proposals is voted for or we should join forces to create them together…