Thoughts on Pundi X stores

Just my thoughts:

I think calling Pundi X powered businesses “Pundi X store or Pundi X shop” is somewhat an understatement. These businesses serve as:

  1. A Currency Exchange
  2. A small bank in its own right
  3. Sort of a decentralized exchange where people can trade cryptos through multiple transactions
  4. Users can obtain/use XPass cards (Just like Visa/Mastercard)
  5. Also their assets are kept safe in the blockchain (just like a bank vault)

It is a model decentralized bank in initial stages and the team can come up with a unified branding across these business that make Pundi X synonymous with crypto and decentralization.


PUNDIX CEX Shops :sweat_smile:

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Good one :grin:

I was thinking more like “Crypto Bank” (not sure about legal issues) or something similar. Something that unifies all the store.

The latest store that opened up seemed to have Pundi X Exchange on the signboard which is different to the other ones I believe.

Also, it could be way more authoritative if it was marketed as “the 7th Branch of Crypto Bank opened today” rather than “7th store opened today”.

By the end of the year, Crypto Bank has 100+ branches around the world. This could help the brand expand more into other territories. More adoption will happen I believe.

P.S. just calling it “Crypto Bank” for the conversation, could be anything that would unify branding

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Crypto CEX Bank :innocent:

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Hey Riz, you speak the truth.

I like your suggestion, it makes sense. Since they already have the license for Crypto trading to initially open these stores, legally I think it would be okay…

Also if the team can decide on this particular issue, it will give the twitter army a better understanding and direction to tweet about.

I am glad you pointed this out, this is actually very important imo.

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Bank CEX @Pundix Stores :thinking: :rofl: