One advice guys… Please Hold
And if you can buy now
It does help

Dont look at the price and panic. F(x) has been stuck between 150-180 rank in coinmarket cap for almost half a year. We have to break this stalemate and get the momentum going, to 120s or even top 100 if possible.

I do make incremental purchases from time to time. Hope you do so to. The market is down. Lets get to under 100 rank and make the most of the opportunity. This would give us more visibility.


Also HODL Pundi X


Of course, we HODL !!!
FX and PUNDIX are in our long-term wallets.
With measure, but still… :wink:


Of course, i hodl too ! I really like the project, and i follow it since the beginning.

Sometimes i don’t understand some frustating decisions, many people would like more marketing and for sure with the strong community i guess we can be as approuved as SOL, AVAX or ATOM, but i’m not in the team for know all the road map and the secret plan for success.

So i trust in them, and i support the project by buying tokens in DCA, NFT, ect ect.

Go PUNDIX, FX, PURSE to the moon and massive adoption !



i never sell my fx coin yet

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Buy and hodl and buy more

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