Together we are strong and we can make FunctionX usable for the world

I would like to express my personal opinion here. How can we bring FunctionX into the mainstream?
For me, the most important thing is that we have applications that even my mother would like to use.
We need to consider where the EGF is really going to be used.
I would be happy if we get applications that take advantage of a blockchain and actually use it.
I’m thinking of things like data security, secure marketplaces and so on, but I can also encourage people to deal more with blockchain and its advantages.
At the moment I see that it is very difficult for non-crypto users to enter and profit from the crypto blockchain world. (I don’t mean trading on different exchanges)
I mean life tools and improvements for users.
I would love for us to think about what the world needs to make it a better place.
Please write here your thoughts on what you imagine.
Maybe a team can be found here that will help each other and use the knowledge to create something great for FunctionX.
Welcome to brainstorming together.
I look forward to all creative ideas.
Together we are strong and we can make FunctionX usable for the world.
Best regards


First of all i think you are right sylvia, we need to go mainstream sooner or later and my idea of a perfect crypto world is exactly like yours. My mother can and would use it.

But lets break this down. what does this mean for the product, market access and customer profile.

Point 1: it has to be accessible by the mainstream

  1. the mainstream user base for such kind of dapps is mobile based and not looking at the computer even once a day if they have one.
  2. therefore we need to have BOB android dual mode launched by a main manufacturer before we get this market and access to this kind of customer.
  3. Issue to be solved: BOB is up and running on mainstream devices.

Point 2: If we had the access to this customer the dapp has to be either made by the company or profitable to be build by 3rd party.

  1. wont work right now because the company is simple not here for building or buying dapps and this shouldnt change. (exception DEX and co)

  2. it is not possible right now because every developer would waste their money building on FX because of too small user base and a needed EGF fund proposal either for building a community or giving out start money for development would not be granted since the governance has to be fixed first.

  3. Issues to be solved: Hotfix for governance and creation of user base

possible solutions:

far away:
build BOB, realease it in cooperation with big manufacturer and be the first full blockchain on mobile market. (i dont know how far this development processed but i think this will still need some time to happen),
Better Option right now focus on attracting the current user base that is already in crypto or at technically involved non-crypto users that are using computer for social media or gaming.

close but not possible atm:
Build dapps to attract users or build user base to attract dapps (this can only happen if either a dapp that has massive user potential is be funded by the EGF, which is not possible in current state of governance or if a proposal will get through governance regarding a massive scale approach of cummunity marketing, problem here is too, this was already declined in the last proposal too.)

This has to be focus #1
the first thing we have to tackle is the governance problem. Or we will have stillstand forever.
Next thing should be a community building project, in the current State of Crypto industry it should focus on metaverse, social media or gaming.
If we dont get a community we will never get developers here, or they leave after they tried it for few months and then are broke because of missing users.

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i have idea to make function x usable and real use for the world
but i don’t have skill on blockchain programing
i used few time ago just learning web programing
i thing this idea is will change real use blockchain

@kenorb what do you thinking

So what is the idea?

i need talk to someone into blockchain programing so this idea posible or not
and EGP fund posible or not

Do you know why bitcoin adoption is not go anywhere
because real usecase bitcoin not hits the essentials
as a substitute for money or for games

not essentials as example flight ticket or train etc

we need make crypto currency as real usecase
i have idea with real usecase

You are 4 posts in, but still have not told what the idea actually is.
Will you share it here on the forum or will you keep it a secret?

do you blockchain programer?

I understand that this has nothing to do with something big and grandiose. But it seems to be useful. Now there are many giveaways. I think mass mailing would be useful. This feature saves a lot of time.
If this is nonsense and not worth attention - say so.)))
Just a thought in the moment!)

Time, patience and collaborative work towards a common goal.

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NFT puzzle Dapp

Just an idea, an NFT slash community puzzle idea Dapp, since this is a brainstorm thread.

Wouldn’t it be great if community members would coop to mint a smashing NFT together.

Where members could mint a part of an NFT, a puzzle piece so to speak.

Let’s say a cool astronaut is cut into pieces, ouch.
Members can mint a piece of this NFT, a helmet, an arm, nametag etc.

And the game is to find the other members (through socials media or TG or AMA’s or whatever) within the community which have the other pieces of the puzzle.

When all member have found each other so the puzzle/NFT is made complete, they can place the finished product on an NFT marketplace, or use it in some other way.

It’s just a wild idea that popped up when couldn’t sleep :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thought it would be a fun thing, to combine NFT and community bonding, or something like that.