Transaction stuck in progress (No Fx to pay for gas)

Hi There,

I have 2 stuck transactions (WithdrawDelegationReward) because I didn’t have any Fx in my wallet left when I made the transaction request. I delegated all my Fx at once (yeah I was eager!). However, I would like to cancel these transactions. Both have been stuck for >1000 hours now.

Is there a timeout for transactions on the Fx chain? And is it possible to make a cancel function or a method like sending the same nonce with higher gas fees (like ETH).

thanks in advance.

You might try to contact support to get a response.
I don’t know if FX IS working the same way as Ethereum for stick transactions.

Could you provide us with a TXID for the transaction?

After looking over the TXID provided to me via mail it seems the transactions haven’t been submitted to the blockchain.
The funds you’ve sent in those transactions should still be available for you to delegate again so:

  1. Update your f(x)Wallet from Google play or the App store
  2. Try submitting another transaction (but keep some FX for the fees as well - 10-15FX)

Thanks for sorting it out. The app is fully up to date, but the notification symbol and running transaction is still there forever I guess. Maybe fix this in an update to remove the symbol and transaction for failed transactions. No harm, just confusing.