Transactioncosts/fees of XPOS

What are the transactioncosts/fees for retailers when using XPOS and where can we find it?

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I am not sure if I answered your post on reddit… However, this can clear up your questions.


@superbit123 Yes you did and thanks. Nevertheless I’m still confused, think my English isn’t good enough to understand the information. Basically my question is what are the costs for a merchant using the XPOS (besides buying the XPOS itself) per transaction made with a customer. I can’t get it clear.

The info you send above talks about NPXS. I assume this is outdated?

My proposal would be to make it very clear to a merchant what the benefits are of using the XPOS (also in relation to the ‘normal’ ways of customertransaction). It’s an important marketingfeature to create a marketpull and get merchants buying and using the XPOS.

Finally another question: is it possible for a customer to pay with a BOB (instead of a XPASS card) through the XPOS?

Morning. Merchants get back 0.65% from the total fee set.

Merchants can set the fees on every Crypto related transaction fee between 1-5% or more, have to adjust to market conditions.

Bob may allow it, I can’t see why not since its part of the pundix ecosystem. Either way Bob will have any of the supporting wallets to transact with the XPOS.

Apart from their initial purchase of the XPOS, they are no other fees (expect the usual tax of the said country) but from transaction no charges.

Yes i would have to update this resume card to PundiX, but the info still applies the same way.

I do have another list of benifits to merchants using XPOS over traditional pos devices. I will have to dig deep to find it, or will have to type a new one out.

Also I do agree with your angle to make it more clear why XPOS is better.

-No monthly fees
-Use crypto wallets
-Get revenues back instead per tnx
-Use multiple wallets
-QR enabled
-Able to mine/stake with it (in works)

As you can see the list can expand further. I’ll add more here or type a new one out to tweet out again.