Tron and Digibyte example

FAO; @zaccheah

Hi Zac,
Can we establish or unlock Tron network and Digibyte (for example) on to the XPOS ecosystem plz?

It would be great to have two very large communities joining us. I am optimistic this can automatically endorse us, which will bring greater XPOS awareness via their social media presences alone.

Our approaches, in particularly can be for them to use another method of payment (the XPOS) as a gateway for them to spend their cryptos.

If we can only capture a few percentages from those communities that will be such a bonus. Surely their community investors or members of their telegram group will have businesses and whatnot and giving them another tool to utilise their holdings is very promising imo.

Suggestion; Perhaps after mainnet, another voting proposal can be done on twitter to list a token on the XPOS would be great.

Imo it’s about time to drop a few more tokens and subsequently keeping the “momentum” going “after” mainnet launches (suggestion 2).

I am aware that the MAS has to give the all clear, I just hope we can have these preparedness ready and already applied for… :crossed_fingers: Or at least a back end chat with their respective CEOs and if agreed have their chains ready for XPOS in the mean while, and at the same time the MAS can approve them… (suggestion 3).

I know I’ve said some of this before, but I just wanted to refresh the enthusiasms, ideas and support. Most of us just want to help out, but our hands are tied with these matters, and we’re awaiting for the next few chapters of pundix/fx, and to ensure that it blasts the lid right off.


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I agree TRON. If Justin sun tweets about partnership with us, we will literally fly. He knows how to market, that’s for sure. Awareness to our products.

Listing all of his coins on our XPOS will definitely be a big boost to us also - its a win win.

Right now, i dont really care about price movement but more towards unique wallet holders.

A mass increase of unique wallets holders means more people are adopting PundiX / FX.


That be great, especially with TRX