Trying to swap NPXS, "failure to submit transaction" every time

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I transferred my NPXS into f(x) Wallet. Now I’m trying to swap to PUNDIX. Every time I get “Failed to submit transaction” unable to connect right now. Please check network and try again. (10001). This has been happening all day. I followed your instructions in order to get the swap done, but your app is not completing the swap as stated. I have tried this through data on my phone as well as through WiFi. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have cleared the cache and the data, then restored my wallet and tried again. Still not working. Very frustrated! Please advise.

Make sure you have plenty of eth for the tx fee’s; use wifi connection, maybe load to someone elses devcice and give it a shot.

I’ll need ETH to do the swap? Can you estimate how much? I didn’t realize I would need ETH for a swap from NPXS to PUNDIX

try with at least .05 eth it won’t be that much but it will require you to have more then needed

NPXS was running on ERC20, so yes, you will need ETH to swap to PUNDIX. Then, you’ll be able to send it crosschain to the PundiXChain, and you’ll need some more ETH.