Twitter sentiment list

Hi everyone, Twitter is an important place we use to grow our community, however Bots also use it to trade using a so-called sentiment tracker. This is basically an algorithm that tracks if a post is positive, neutral or negative. the algorithm uses a list of words to determine this.

see below a list of both positive and negative sentiment words, to help FX you should try to include the positive words, while avoiding the negative ones.

positive sentiment negative sentiment
calm target
growing missed
amazing explode
lucky last
proud killer
top burn
bullish disgusting
community deceive
increase issue
support crap
high block
more hurting
big limit
thanks bad
fantastic prevent
super confusion
clear hype
innovation broke
award sarcasm
greatest tired
gift critical
adopt volatile
easy late
ready tax
great risks
convenient doubt

The algorithm isn’t smart yet so unintended negative words are still counted as negative, for example:
if you say β€˜β€™ I doubt you can find any better project that FX’’ it will be counted as a negative sentiment tweet.

There are more words for both the positive and negative sentiment, so look out for them.
you can check the sentiment and statistics here: Twitter search & analytics for $fx | Social Bearing