Unable to swap through my ledger device, any clues?

Hi there! I’ve had no luck at all swapping from a ledger device. Have tried countless times, updated ledger firmware, configured it to work with smart contracts, have enough ETH in the wallet for the fee. It doesn’t make sense for me to use FX wallet because because of extra fees of moving more ETH around because the amount I’m swapping is not huge - but all the time I am getting the same error for the Pundi swap site which is ‘something went wrong code 240006 reason: confirmation timeout or ledger manager was denied’ I’d appreciate if anyone can help me with this please?

If your NPXS is in other blockchain wallets, such as MetaMask, ImToken or the Ledger wallet, please follow the instruction below:

  1. Visit the swap link and connect your wallet to process.

If you are using Metamask, you can connect your wallet via Metamask.

If you are using imToken, Trust wallet or any other wallets that have the Wallet Connect function, you can connect your wallet via WalletConnect.

If you are using hardware wallet Ledger, you can connect your wallet via Ledger.

*Please make sure your wallet has sufficient ETH for the swap transaction gas fee.

  1. Approve your NPXS to swap (ETH gas fee to be charged for ‘Approval’)

For Ledger users, if you encounter errors, you will need to update your Ledger firmware to the latest version and allow Contract Data to complete the transaction. Here is how:
In order to unlock your Ledger, simply enter your PIN code into your Ledger, and navigate to the “Ethereum” app on your Ledger. To enable contract data on your Ledger:

  • Unlock your Ledger
  • Go to “Ethereum”
  • Go to “Settings”
  • Go to “Contract Data”
  • Select “Yes”

This allow your Ledger to interact with smart contracts on Ethereum.

  1. Complete the swap transaction (ETH gas fee to be charged for ‘Place Order’)

  1. After the transaction succeeds, your PUNDIX token will arrive into your wallet. If you don’t see the PUNDIX on your wallet , please add PUNDIX via the contract address 0x0fd10b9899882a6f2fcb5c371e17e70fdee00c38

Here’s our guide for swapping from a few blockchain wallets, have you followed it?


Yes I have spent a lot of time going through this over and over and still no joy, have followed everything on your list and I’m still getting the same error. Any suggestions please?

I’ll be checking to see if anyone from our team has managed to proceed with a swap through ledger, then update you as I’m sensing this could be an undiscovered bug.


i use this and this worked for me, i not understand why is not work for him

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Hi, I’m still int he same position - is there anyone that can support this issue please?

Since I’ve got no clue on what is going bad on your side I can only suggest one thing as sort of a go-around to make things work for you.

Move the $NPXS tokens and some $ETH for fees out of your ledger device to a temporary ETH address created through Metamask. Do the swap via https://swap.pundix.com/#/ then move your $PUNDIX and the remaining $ETH back into the ledger device.

Even if you create a “temporary” address through Metamask, please save the back-up words in the event something goes bad.

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Thanks for responding. So what are the differences between doing the swap through metamask or doing it in the fx wallet ? Which would be simpler ?

Considering the two options f(x)Wallet would be simpler, but make sure to back up your recovery words!

If i give a suggestion
Why not allow send npxs to pundix labs and
When converted send them back to nxps holder

That’s technically what is happening, but it’s decentralised. I don’t see the point of using employees to process these swaps when we can decentralise them.