Unclaimed FX rewards in staking

Hi !

What will happen to unclaimed FX rewards in FX and PUNDIX staking ?
Will they be burnt if unclaimed on january 2023?


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What do you think?

  • burn it
  • allocate back to the foundation
  • allocate for the community via effort-based collection

Back to the team, mainly for global marketing purposes since it is quite a decent sum. More than enough.


Allocate for development

Allocate back to the foundation would be my pick.

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  • allocate back to the foundation

Hello - Back to The foundation —> R&D - Greetings Belgium :belgium:

  • Burn it
  • Goes to foundation by allocating to R&D
  • Goes to community, by effort-based allocation

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Use unclaimed FX for running promoted tweets in Twitter for Function X @zaccheah


Use to promote tweets on twitter


pay the Influencer that dose a great job with your next big update Interview on all things Pundian, A surprise FX gift



The team from CryptoGrinders (that interview) are awesome, they were the first YouTube influencer to discovered us in a time when others didn’t want to grant us non paid interview, they did.

Also, there’ll be a YouTube interview in a week or two from another influencer.

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Join Fx market group @LKYBOB.
Telegram: Contact @FunctionXmarket

thanks but I don’t need the market group to know where the market is going and I don’t have a professional opinion to share, creates to much Anxiety in market groups for me

Reinject them into EGF would be perfect actually…

We shouldn’t forget… we need every burn possible for both pundix and FX token…

Burn it

You should to solve this problem first
I am investor and i cannot take my rewards

Imposibble to pay ETH Fees!

We need take rewards full directly

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Going to foundation would be my pick.

But … how about starting a new stake just for pundix holders on fx core or pundix chain ? A lot of retail investors missed this opportunity because of eth fees … it will be really beneficial to retail investors.

@zaccheah can please add this to your poll please.

Hello @zaccheah, I think the best usage would be for marketing as FunctionX and PundiX are becoming a real product and may be really sexy for marketing right now! Not talking about probable continuing bullrun. (It is important to catch the wave!)


Yes @vmikaus, I agree we should use it for marketing


What about the funds that may go unclaimed. If the Android app doesn’t get fixed in time?
I was able to make my first claim in time, but after the update I can’t access my staked pundix or make claims for f(x).
After emailing support, they said they’ll make a recovery bag. I hope they’re able to issue me my exact losses.

In any case, maybe some of these funds should go towards the recovery bag. So others with the same issue as me myself don’t loose, and whoever is funding the recovery bag doesn’t loose.