Undelegated FX coins should be viewable

Undelegated FX coins should be displayed in FX wallet just like locked rewards during pre mainnet stake. Currently it is displayed anywhere. I tried undelegating around 1000 FX.
Transaction showed success and in FX explorer. It should be shown under undelegated section just like delegated section, even though there is 21 day lock period.


And it would be good of there was some kind of timer in that "undelegated " section in wich you can see when lock period will end.


I’ll be moving this thread to the suggestions category as it’s not a bug.


Tried to test undelegate and it didn’t work. I have enough Fx tokens

You need to have FX in your FX address for gas fees to undelegate.


@SCENE I had more than 10 fx and the transaction was successful. It is on blockchain. This is accepted as a suggestion to show undelegated coins in fx wallet.

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for the undelegate of my Fx, do I have to have Fx in my Fx Core wallet or in the Fx wallet?

2nd question: (for the 21 days) Do I have to wait 21 days from the time I started my delegation or do I have to wait 21 days from the time I started the undelegate?

(I am French and use a translator so forgive me for my difficulty in speaking)

Q1: fx in f(x) core wallet (fee is a little above 1fx)

Q2: 21 days start from time you undelegate.


When you undelegate, it will take 21 days from the day you clicked “Undelegate”.

You will need FX in your fxCore wallet for gas fees.

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ok, thanks for your answers :wink:

We’ve added this suggestion under review to be a feature added in the next versions of the wallet.