Upcoming Dex-Liquidity Providers

I had a question about our upcoming DeX, who is providing liquidity for our Dex, is it purely the company or do we have liquidity providers lined up? Thanks for the reply in advance.

We are considering to open up a liquidity pool for the public to contribute (and hopefully earn) by providing liquidity. It also creates more transparency to the system.


Hi boss @zaccheah @DavidK … How is your weekend doing? Just a contribution.

Liquidity shouldn’t be the problem if the APY is attractive enough…

Its high time we invite the entire crypto crowd to join our super fast ecosystem functionx…

As funny as it may look, i had a dream i was providing liquidity into pundix/fx pool and staking pundix and fx to gain FX and other tokens that built on our ecosystem. Maybe because i have so much enjoyed the staking on pancakeswap.:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::rocket::rocket:

My point is:: If the APY is attractive liquidity isn’t the problem, people in Crypto like

passive income

  • yield farming

-lucky spinner should be brought too fx wallet under functionx
-predictive market like crypto bull and bear…

Thanks boss

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Just saying maybe we can start with this… just a suggestion the team knows whats best for the ecosystem… with time we develop more and add more futures and stuff too the dex ecosystem. Gradual implementation
Slow and steady win the race…

We can even have more liquidity than we can ever imagine as per as the APY is attractive enough.

As stated earlier, we have a lot to implement

-NFT market place jointly with the blindbox innovation
-predictive market place e.t.c


Just to follow-up, you mentioned opening to the public, but do we have any private backers? Or is the company the primary source if liquidity?

There is a lottery based Dapp in developer discussion as we speak. I’ll pull it up tomorrow and tag back. I like it though. Basically, put in a bit of fx, or whatever, and earn 1btc, something like that. I think it will do really well.