Update CMC Function X's Latest News

The latest news is soooo out-dated, more than a year ago.

Please contact and update them! Say that our main net is finally live now and keep the cross-chain a different article, so more articles can be written.

Like each article:
Function X Main net launch
( Ethereum <> FXCore )
( Binance Smart Chain <> FXCore )
Ecosystem Genesis Fund

All these will help boost organic eyes if our news are up-to-date.

Because the first thing that comes to people’s mind when people see Function X on CMC is, there is no update, the team is dead and the project is dead.

Considering that CMC is one of the top 500 visited sites in the world, please keep it updated! :slight_smile:

@indra @zaccheah @eduardstal @Peko @DavidK


Hi Nick,

Thanks for the input.

I am on it


Awesome pawsome!


@SCENE :+1::clap:
@indra :clap: :muscle:

Especially the news on Pundix chain launch and Binance crosschain with fx core on mainnet phase 2

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Update circulating supply too. Very important. Rank is very low on coinmarketcap. 400+ now

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I made a post with other news holes as well.

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Yeah majority of new comers whenever they visit CMC / Coingecko or coinmarketcal, they will also scroll down to see what’s up, what’s new, what’s happening.

If the news is oudated, it will give a bad impression.

Especially since Binance bought over CoinMarketCap ownership and it is the top 500 most visited site worldwide.


Hi Indra. Thanks for updating CMC. some information still missing under “Explorer” and “Community”.
I would like to add explorer.function.io and all forums like telegram etc.

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Function X is not mentioned ik Coingecko also