Using Exchange Listing Service for Listing Help

Since team is struggling with finding exchanges to list and fee problems I suggest

They can be consulted for listing and fees consulting help and for best offers. Many coins use them. They boast 700 clients. Also offers some free marketing.

They negotiate on your behalf, use their service. Even if it’s not big exchanges it’s ok atleast for this year. Function X volume on exchanges is very low. More exchanges more volume, even if they are small exchanges. Also exchange listings are free marketing.

Meme coins use and it has worked for them getting listed on at least medium sized Exchanges

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Indra can communicate with them.


This would be great since they work with all the big exchanges we want. Any thing that would help us get listed, I’m all for it.

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Yes. It will also save time and team can focus on developing

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I hope the team realizes this, but beyond the random pumps from Korea, we have no new investors so the volume is extremely low after these pumps. We recently tried promoting fx on Quora but was banned by the mod because he looked at our charts and to them, we look like a pump and dump coin and to an outside observer, they’d probably agree.

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Optics is everything at the moment.

I have been attempting to get people i know in crypto interested but when they see this chart they laugh in my face.


More exchanges are needed even if they are small exchanges to avoid big 24 hr pump and dumps.


This is such a good suggestion. I hope it works out for us.


Kind of unprofessional to judge functionx by the chart and volume. This needs to be consideret as a startup company, because the mainnet was lauched just few months ago and what i have seen, its pretty normal that for a startup company, volatility is very strong and we are in cryptospace, so the volatility is extra strong. After every pump we climb to new support level and devs keep building, so trend is up.

I understand if exchanges want companys with good volume, but we need to assure that this is a company that its good to support with listing at this point. Sooner or later they will notice and when the crosschain works with other blockchains and fx has more stuff to use, we have our own exchange etc. we are in a higher level and consideret as a serious player. Amen.

Time is the ultimate currency
-Elon Musk

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That consulting is very good idea!

Actually, exchanges are needed if you need volume.
You need volume if you need volatility, thus money.
So unless you need new users, you don’t need new exchanges.
But on PundiX and FX, the team knows users will come with adoption.
Most current users are here for quick money, and I am part of them, even if I’ve been holding for almost 3 years on PundiX (at least half of my bag).
So, now, I don’t regret it, but I wish people were more aware of the intrinsic value of those 2 projets.
Soon, WE wont’ even have to ask the exchanges to list FX. They will add FX without asking, and I’m pretty sure Binance already started but the team isn’t allowed to talk about it. :wink::wink:

Should we consider Solano a start up since they were started late 2017, 8 months earlier than us, and they just started trading in 2020. They are leaps and bounds ahead of us in terms of users, development and price. We can’t turn into these other crypto projects where the fanbase just jerk each other off and think they have greatest project on earth. We have to be realistic with ourselves ans find ways to improve. Do we have great tech, I’m sure we do but we won’t know till it’s actually used but do we have the greatest tech? I don’t think so, Solano says they can reach 700,000 tps with upgraded hardware. Are we the cheapest blockchain? No, those are others that are basically fee-less. Are we the only cross-chain capable blockchain? No, there are tons of those too so ask yourself, where’s OUR competitive advantage to make people want to use our blockchain when there are so many others out there that can do the same. Functionx is an unknown entity out there so why would anyone want to risk investing and developing with us when they can do it on a more established platform. That’s why we need to get out there, market ourselves more effectively and give developers more incentives to take a chance on us and that is how you will grow your userbase. Exchanges will help get the word out about us and have easier access to buy fx so it’s not a barrier to entry.


Even meme/shit coins get listed faster than us with the help of these services. They get on multiple exchanges within <1month.


There’s nothing wrong with getting a little help if help is needed. Let’s get it FunctionX, if we need funds for it from the EGF, let’s vote for it.


Yes I have seen meme coin telegrams telling their community they are using this Listing help service for getting on exchanges