Visa Card

With this recent news of Visa Card in the Crypto world via this link - Visa and 50 Crypto Platforms to Enable Cryptocurrency Payments at 70 Million Merchants – News Bitcoin News. I am hoping for the pundix team not to miss out on creating a sort of partnership. I’ve suggested this idea last year before Visa Card decided to take this giant step. The pundix team should find a way to link up with the opportunity Visa Card is about to embark on because if country governments are going to embrace crypto, Visa Card would certainly not be left behind and so I greatly believe we should not lose out of this opportunity please @zaccheah


I think it would be a good idea to send them an offer of cooperation for software implementation, if the team has not already done so and it should be done fast before they sign another contract :grin:. with all the advantages of the fx chain with respect to the competition and list the disadvantages if they choose another chain.and explain to them the benefits of fx chain as they are 3 years old. the shortcomings of other chains and how this will affect their clients definitely need to be explained in detail. (dissatisfaction, complaints, etc.) Nothing can be lost by attempt. I sincerely doubt that they will go and explore what would be their best option. They will choose the one which are offered to them and later they can upgrade the system and copy fx. this should be avoided. On the other hand we don’t know what their requirements are and whether it’s possible but I definitely think team should try. I will appreciate your thoughts @zaccheah @eduardstal @indra @DavidK