[Voting] FXDM Creators Reward - July 2022

Dear Function X Community,

FXDM July community voting is here!

As previously announced, the short video submissions to FXDM this month will be automatically counted as submissions to f(x)Core 1st-anniversary campaign.

This month, we have received 91 submissions! Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and please keep up the good work!

Now let’s see what is in it!

There are 3 votings to vote this time:

1. Image - Community

  • When selected by the FXNEERS, the submitter is entitled to receive USD 30 worth of $FX
  • After the community voting, the winners will receive more FX rewards as follows:

:1st_place_medal:Top voted image: USD 150 worth of $FX

:2nd_place_medal:Second: USD 100 worth of $FX

:3rd_place_medal:Third: USD 50 worth of $FX

2. Video - Community

  • When selected by the FXNEERS, the submitter is entitled to receive USD100 worth of $FX

Youtube Videos

:1st_place_medal:Top voted video: USD 300 worth of $FX

:2nd_place_medal:Second: USD 200 worth of $FX

:3rd_place_medal:Third: USD 100 worth of $FX

3. Video - Staff

  • Staff made materials will not receive extra rewards

:1st_place_medal:Top voted video: USD 300 worth of $FX

:2nd_place_medal:Second: USD 200 worth of $FX

:3rd_place_medal:Third: USD 100 worth of $FX

Each of you has one vote for each voting, which is in total 3 votes!
Let’s vote for your favorite and as always, submit your creativity to FXDM !!

The voting will start from now to Aug 17, 2022, 23:59 GMT+8

Thank you to all the participants, for those who did not make it to the community voting this time, we look forward to seeing you come back with even cooler content!

There will be a separate post coming out soon for Function X’s 1st-year anniversary winners. Stay tuned!


Good afternoon. Videos from twitter, tik tok, and youtube shorts no longer participate in fxdm?

Hello those are merged together for 1st Anniversary and will be announced in a separate post.


Hello - Again it was not easy to choose one from the submitted gems :heart_hands::gem: - Greetings Belgiumguy :black_heart::yellow_heart::heart:


This fxdm not have any effect for marketing

I do not agree with you! FXDM is a great idea! Which gives the opportunity to engage the community. But here is how the community manifests itself. - This is a different issue. FXDM gives you the opportunity to do effective marketing. Negotiate with bloggers. Write an article. Do whatever will benefit FX. So if the marketing effect is weak! This is not fxdm is not efficient. This means that we, as a community, are not trying hard enough!)
We must try to do better!!))


Just give me fund, i can make it effective

Then why we stick to this weak community?
Why we not make this community to be stronger?

Make image or video with low view
Most viewer maybe not have knownletge what is crypto

Why we not make community?
I know how to make community but i need fund

FXDM is a great tool to involve community.
To give community chance to participate in markering and get rewarded for their efforts.
It’s unique in my opinion.
It’s part of bigger markering picture.
In fact, i don’t know any other business where community is involved this way.
Maybe there are others, but anyway, pretty awsome if you ask me.

And any soul who gets triggered through fxdm community efforts to FunctionX is one.

And i’m sure, if you have a great idea and work it out and make proposal or publish it on this forum, your idea wil be seriously be reviewed, and who knows what that will bring you…
That’s how it works.
Hope you understand that the other way around is not.

I see you did:

Good for you! Hope it works out for you!


Now there are a lot of events and fresh news. You can show an example of good content!

Tiktok not effective as marketing
Most viewer tiktok 8 years old to 20 years old in that range age most not aware what is investation, let alone cryptocurrency, let alone technology behind it

Range youtube viewer wider but most viewer have no knownledge crypto technology

I would prefer if we build, community door to door, and educate them

when they have sufficient knowledge, they can determine whether crypto has a place in the future. they have consideration what projects with good future

Crypto is a very important invention, just like the invention of paper that change human society

Most trending coin (shiba inu, baby doge, doge coin) that just fomo and how un educate this society about crypto

About the inefficiency of tik tok!)

Well, the FXDM program allows you to promote FX on all platforms. If there is understanding and desire - act)

Sum of viewer is quantity not quality :relaxed:
And most viewer fxdm video
Just thoursands not millions :smiling_face_with_tear:

Quantity viewer needed but when we have build community

All in our hands! You need to try to do something for the benefit of both the community and the project as a whole!

I will build community but need fund

That’s what FXDM is for! Take action, you will succeed!!!

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Hello. I am new to crypto. I met a year ago. Learned about FX, Pundi a month ago. I have become a delegate. And I want to say that I am delighted. This program is something amazing. I’ll try to get involved too! I have an idea) I am very glad that I learned about FX at such an early stage! Hope it will be a success!!!


Hi @IvanFunctionX, thank you for the opinion expressed, it’s well received!

Perhaps we can be more clear on the purpose of FXDM - it is a program made for the Function X community to participate and together with the team promote the Function X Ecosystem. More importantly, it aims to give back to the community that has been supporting Function X all along. The FXDM welcomes all kinds of marketing content the community makes, including referrals to AMA, KOLs, or professional marketing teams.

As you mentioned, you can do a whole marketing plan and community, but you need funds, in that case, I’d highly suggest you apply for EGF Function X: August Hash Out. ​​Function X Foundation allocates 75… | by David Ben Kay | Function X | Medium. Once the community grants your proposal, you will get the fund you need to implement the plan you have. I think this suits you the best among what we have on the table.

Hope this information helps. :slight_smile:


i will build community even without fund by dev
@indra you can watch my community t/