We need big news!

Dear Reader,

Finally Pundix is making momentum. But now we need big news to grow further.
Been holding since 2018 and still holding strong.
I personaly think we need another big listing or cooperation.

Like coinbase or Visa!!!

What do you think ?

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Launch of the FX mainnet will be the first step towards a larger product and service growth for the entire pundi ecosystem.

With XPOS mining coming, each owner will have a immediate ROI potential which will add further device sales.

With Liquidity pools and swapping we will begin to rival other blockchains with cross chain swapping potential and grow the network and number of users involved

With synthetic asset listings, the emerging world economies will be able to access the possibility of retirement funds and other vectors such as loans that they previously were unable to do

With wider adoption comes more organic growth from these types of innovations will naturally grow us into more awareness and access with things like Coinbase listing, etc.


Visa wouldn’t be a wise choice. The whole point of all this is to get away from the centralized system.