We should to end this situation

We should focus on solving this that I show here with high priority

we lose prestige and it does not make us stand out in something that we are different, better.

People are looking at us like an erc20

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There a lot of changes to aggregators like cmc that would be great to have. I don’t think most people that have ever even heard of FX or pundix even know they are on their own main net at this point

we are few forks of Fx (ERC20) it should be obligatory to crosschain to Fx Core now

also to say:
Actually total Supply: Fx (ERC20) + Fx (FxCore) = 450,771,462 + 93,011,563 = 543,784,084

coin supply dose not grow because it moves on chain, the total supply is what it is.

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ok, thanks

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Each time you move $FX from ERC-20 to FxCore, it is transferred to FX contract, burnt on ERC20 and an event notifies it’s burnt. Then, FX contract on Fxcore mints the equivalent number of FX and assigns them to the destination address on FxCore.
And vice-versa.
Using such mechanism forbids that more than the total supply can exist on multiple blockchains at once.
However, please note that the current number of $FX grows everyday, because minting happens on FxCore chains to pay for delegators APY (until we get closer and closer to the max supply).

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thanks for the info.

There is a problem, …buy Fx on ERC20…on Coinbase for example to Stake those FX tokens on Fxwallet…

almost imposible, expensive…expensive…then…imposible

I agree, but FunctionX cannot force Coinbase or any other exchange to implement the FxCore interface in their management system.
That’s something they will do by themselves, as soon as FunctionX will become a widely-spread blockchain.
Look at it this way ! The Elrond blockchain has far many more users than Fx, and still the Elrond interface is not yet implemented in lots of exchanges.
For that, we need to be patient.
What the team could do, though, is to implement the FX token on Binance smart chain, and put up some liquidity pools in order to allow users to buy FX from Pancakeswap for example. Feees are much lower over BSC.


we need to be patient then

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