Web-based button to pay with f(x)wallet

Propose a web-based button allowing to open f(x)wallet automatically with a destination adress, an amount, the quote currency and the blockchain network, and embed a JSON message (e.g. order number). All that is left for the user would be to enter code and validate.

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Neat shortcut

need more description for the purpose, I can’t visualize it

It’s like a PayPal button.
Each website could implement it with the public address of the vendor, and dynamically link it to an order number, an amount and currency.
If a customer clicks on it, it would either guide him to install f(x)wallet or to use it’s existing wallet in f(x)wallet to validate the transaction.
It would work for gifts as well.
As soon as the transaction is made, f(x)wallet would notify the vendor of the transaction and linked order id (or any metadata linked to the transaction).

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Yes from me

The pricing would have to be linked to ChainLink oracle i supposed?

No : you express a Price in one cryptocurrency. Could be usdt, FX, … Oracle is only necessary if you need to settle from another cryptocurrency.