What About Increase FXCore max validator to 75?

This proposal would increase the maximum number of validators from the maximum of 50 to 75. It would be the second maximum increase in validators since the launch of FXCore and would allow more publicly hosted validators to join and help protect the network.

Yes or Not?


yes more validator better for ecosystem

and spread voting power

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Right now, we’re having a hard time having enough serious public validators to replace progressively the team validators.
I sincerely don’t think it is wishable right now.
Cosmos has been running for much longer, and still, some of their 125 validators are not running great.

When we’ll have more “inactive” but “running” validators, it might be a good sign to request an increase of the number of validators.


The minimum required blocked fx is very high with the validator number 50, I think that being able to more people take the opportunity with less blocked, more people would be encouraged.

First step : start a validator and demonstrate to people that your node is safe and correctly managed…
Second step : convince people to delegate FX to your node.

This requires money, time and skills (node hosting, monitoring operations, FxCore updates).
When we’ll see more operating validators (even inactive, but not jailed), I think it’ll be the right time to request an increase of the number of validators.

Anyway, even if we increased it right now, we would put the network security at risk, because most operations require at least 2/3 of the validators to validate transactions or votes. Here, we might not have enough validators this 2/3rd rules.



I understand yes, first a serious demand :ok_hand:


I agree with frenchcore network isn’t in finest shape right now. But what can happen is that new validators join in and pave their way through numbers. By steps as frenchcore mentioned.

Inactive validators will probably be subjected to redelegations

I also believe we will see reputed validators in field joining in after project do some noise in space and stability to ensure long term support.

Lastly I think also network need more active validators base to ensure this stays as community driven project.


you are right yes

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