What I learned thanks to FunctionX

Vacations are intermittently ongoing, and as always, I can’t prevent myself from having personal projects beside a very busy job…

For you to know, here is what we’re working on right now with my non-geek team :

  • starting a business in France to manage cleanly our FX (and future PundiX ?) nodes and validators,
  • working with a team to promote FunctionX ecosystem in the French-speaking community.

Beside that, I’ve also spent a lot of time learning Javascript, Web3, Vue.js in order to be frontend-capable : I’m working on an open-source Vue.js 3 project for future FunctionX dApps democratization.

We also recently published some Java code for local app allowing to autocompound your delegators and validators $FX. FrenchXCore has been using it for a while now : you can see our ongoing self-delegated $FX increasing everyday.

What does it mean ?

We will soon (some more weeks, and after heavily testing) publish a module to be able to connect to your FunctionX account thru f(x)Wallet and transactions,

We will design a website to allow people to autocompound their staked $FX (delegators and validators). Since FrenchXCore will pay for the automatic transactions, we intend to increase our commission fee approximately at the same time.

We will also propose validators to delegate proposal voting : what this means is it would allow validators to grant FrenchXCore the authorization to automatically vote for them (the same as FrenchXCore votes) => that might help Institutional validators to vote, because on proposal #12, none of them did yet.

As always, everything will be published on FrenchXCore’s GitHub.

I’d also like to thank the team for regularly updating the GitBook so that more information is becoming available with time, including for developers.

I’m eager to hear what the community is looking after in terms of apps…


P.S.: @Richard, would it be possible to update my pseudo to reflect “FrenchXCore” instead of “Mdmdmd83” ? I’m not that old after all :slight_smile:


really happy and excited to see your progress and see you deploying your project on our network!

where would you like to update your pseudo? on the forum?

Yes, on the forum, please. I can’t change it myself.


no worries, done!


Bonjour! I would like to see an autocompound dapp for my fx tokens, I am trying to claim and delegate weekly but sometimes I forget.

When can we see this dapp, and will you do security audit to proof that is is safe? @FrenchXCore

Hi @andablue ,

Thé feature we’ve been working on would allow anyone to automatically collect delegators and validators rewards and commissions and to restake them. This requires delegators and validators to grant authorizations to FrenchXCore in a single transaction :

  • claim rewards (for delegators)
  • claim commissions (for validators)
  • delegate tokens (for delegators and validators).

Since we’re using native Cosmos-implemented features, there is no point in conducting a security audit, because those features have now been used for a long time on many Cosmos-based chains. However, i already wrote a small article to explain how it will work, and what we did secure.

I’m just waiting now for FxWallet v2 to be available so that transactions can be signed decentrally.