What if claiming rewards after 15 June?

Hello. Friends.
About claiming, I have a question.
After 15 June, staking rewards calculations, I want to claim my total rewards.

Simply, is it okay to first claim the 5% of total rewards after the date 15 June, like 18 June??

Imagine that you first claim on 3 June, what about the rewards accumulating through 4~15 June?? I mean the newly made 5% rewards not 95% rewards of claim on 3 June.

Sorry for my poor English. I’m not a native speaker.

Users need to claim the staking reward (at least once) before or on 14th June 2021 to get the first 5% of staking reward, and users need to wait for 19 weeks or 133 days to get full unlocked token.

Please execute the claiming of unlocked token anytime before 5th December 2021.

How if i don’t claiming and unstake after 14 june I just have 724 fx coin Gas fee for claiming 1.341$ and unstake 280$

That will big loss for me if i have pay 1341$ claim and 280$ unstake gas fee

Hi Eduard

I have a question. If you have already claimed once and you want to add other tokens for staking what will happen? You have to claim again before the 14th of June? Or you just claim the second time after 19 weeks?

Another question after 19 weeks we have to pay twice? One to redeem and one to claim the final reward?

Thanks for your help!

We will lose evriting I have bad filing. And I am 3 years holder. But now I have not fait. I ask what we need to unstak ouer tokens but not answer. And this fee will eat all my award. And what happen guys. We pay and lose just to Zac can make absolutely free his network. Soo sad Soo sad I am.

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