What Is Pundi, For the New People

I’ll make this as simple as possible; to understand you need to look at where Pundi is in the Progress as looking backwards at some old info will confuse you.
For the most part Pundi are software blockchain payment system developers these systems are not restricted to their own Proof of concept device Xpos,
The PUNDIX token is the utility token for that eco system, FX was created to create the Blockchain to decentralize the payment system and be able to connect other blockchains to it’s core code with DEFI, blockchain creation and cloud nodes without programing knowledge.
So FX is the Mainnet chain all things Pundi will run on, Xpos will Run on a chain connected to FX core chain (no longer on eth blockchain) Powered by PUNDIX token; which looks like a rewards token will be created to reward supporting delegators of that eco system which could absorb the old token NPXSxem.
Understanding FX and PUNDIX are the only coins in the pundi eco systems you really should concern yourself with and PR token (Pundi Rewards token) when created, confusing yourself about any other older tokens is a waste of energy unless your still holding past tokens,

where are we at now, Main net is about to launch and all things Pundi will move on to FX chain

Main wallet to know now is FX wallet, make sure you get the one by Pundi X Labs, this is the Private wallet where all responsibilities are on you, It’s a private seed wallet when you move funds you pay the network tx fee’s but you have the ability be decentralised with your every action fully, earn, save, stake, buy, swap and many other network governance features with nodes.

PUNDIX is a decreasing supply with monthly burns, size depends actions on every thing in Xpos eco system, now with 258 billion “Less” supply will gain value far easier in the future - trust the process.

FX is a supply that grows by governance over 15 years set out as rewards to those delegating and running nodes-Validators for governance of all tx’s and Cross-chain and connecting network transactions through FX network

Xwallet is a xpos assistant wallet and a holding spending wallet with kyc and is a centralized wallet that has restrictions in some country’s, the staking there is old features in the early process to acquire fx for early token holders finished leave it alone, same as daily claim in there is finished, same as NPXS swap finished there don’t send old token to Xwallet.

Pundi are a life time payment systems solution provider for Crypto spending and earning as CRYTPO! and many other feature’s In the real world with real products working now, As a long term holder I can say I’m very excited about the future of Pundi and see them meaning more to the future of crypto financial payment world systems than Microsoft is to computers.


anyone that feels you can add simple explanation to pundi products feel free to add your comments below, try to stay current! my point of this is to catch new people up; to see what’s relevant removeing some of the need to understand some of the old that causes confusion


PS’ Admin send me corrections you feel any need