What is the timeline for services to go live on the FunctionX Blockchain

Hi Guys,

I’m hoping someone from the team can answer this as this is an important question that us investors are eager to hear about. So the blockchain has just launched and so far, it’s working great. It’s fast, it’s sleek and full of potential. But now that we’ve built the blockchain, we need to people to use it. On the white paper, it was mentioned that some of the services that this blockchain can provide include storage services, financial services, Dapps, Dex and the FunctionX OS for phones. My question is, timeline wise, when do these services go live? When should we expect to see Dapps on the FunctionX blockchain and how are we going to promote this to other then the loyal supporters you have right now. If you build a great blockchain but people don’t know about it, how are they going to know to come try out this blockchain. Thanks for your time.



Will start with moving existing off-chain services in XPOS on-chain, as well as new DApps / DEX.


Thanks for the reply Zac, is there a more approximate time for Dapps like in weeks or months and any hints what the first Dapps will be?