What should we call our DEX?

We wanted to call it simply FunctionX DEX but maybe we can have a funkier, cooler name.

In math f (x), which reads “f of x”, is a mathematical function. Maybe we can name our DEX based on another mathematical function? Or a Universe object, or a cat?


I, personally, like the fact that FunctionX dex has our name in it just so everyone knows we’re associated with it, especially with us trying to establish our brand.


Function x Dex is unique and relatable


Universe Names

  1. Alpha
    Alpha is the brightest star in each constellation. It is also the first letter in the Greek alphabet.

  2. Aurora
    Beautiful as its name, Aurora symbolizes the Roman goddess who rules over sunrises.

  3. Luna
    Luna means “moon” in Latin. Resembling the moon’s calm and beauty.

  4. Aries
    In Greek mythology, the constellation named Aries depicts a ram and represents the Golden Fleece.

  5. Cosmos
    The whole universe is known as “cosmos”. One of the favored universe names.

  6. Nova
    Nova is a bright star that keeps appearing and fading over a few months. Sophisticated and elegant.

  7. Solar
    Solar or “The Sun”, is the brightest star in the whole universe. Inspired by the solar system, it’s rays bring hope and warmth in everyone’s life.

  8. Gaia
    Named after our beautiful earth, Gaia means “mother earth”.

  9. Titania
    As big and vast as its name, Titania, refers to the largest moon of the planet Uranus.

  10. Sky
    Sky refers to the beautiful galaxy of the universe.

  11. Starr
    Star refers to the stars in the sky. Beautiful and shiny.

  12. Sage
    One (such as a profound philosopher) distinguished for wisdom.

  13. Miranda
    Beautiful and elegant as its name, Miranda refers to the smallest of all the major moons of the planet Uranus.

  14. Larissa
    The fifth moon of Neptune is known as Larissa.

  15. Eris
    In the year 2005, a tenth planet was discovered in the solar system. This planet was named Eris.

  16. Celeste
    Just like its sound, Celeste means “heavenly”, one from the celestial.

  17. Chara
    Chara means “joy”. It is also the name of one of the stars in a constellation that is known to represent the hunting dogs. It is believed that this star Chara, hosts extraterrestrial life as well.

  18. Sirius
    Radiant and shiny, Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. Also called the Dog Star, it occupies the best spot in the sky.

  19. Castor
    The brightest star in the Gemini constellation is known as castor. Its twin is named Pollux.

  20. Atlas
    Known to be the titan of astronomy and navigation.

  21. Archer
    Archer symbolizes strength and power. It is the name of the Sagittarius group of stars depicting a half-horse and half-man figure.

  22. Aster
    Aster is known as “star” in Greek.

  23. Apollo
    Classy and mystical, Apollo, is the name of the Greek god who rules over sun and light.

  24. Ascella
    Ascella is known to be a star system in the sign of Sagittarius

  25. Alula
    It is the palindromic name of the very first double star which is identified as one that is physically related to its twin. Alula in Arabic means “the first leap”.

But then again, Function X Dex is like self-promoting already since it has our name in it.

Function X DEX
Fusion DEX

DEX Universe
Astro FX DEX
DEX FX Universe
Universe FX DEX
Planet F(x) DEX

F (x) Dex Modular
Dex Modular

Does this mean it’s launching soon? :wink:

There is pros and cons to having the DEX called the name of the chain.

  • relatable, branding
  • deters others to build DEX
  • other chain’s DEX are not called the chain name

I think something like X - Swap would be cool.


I would not be against X-Swap, it’s catchy and has the X

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I think “Universe” is catchy as a name.

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yes fits alone with the mulitverse thing happening around at the moment to, Universe F(x) DEX

Just like most major DEXs out there (Uniswap & PancakeSwap) , i believe it’s very important to have the word swap in the name. It will be easiee to market since other DEXs already did the job of standardizing this suffix.


Yea actually Universe itself is pretty cool.

Just imagine the word “Universe” in the middle of the website, with a nice font and multi-coloring look. I think it can appeal to many others.

Universe somehow relates to, everyone, everything and Uni can be interpreted as united - UniVerse, all-in-one Universe.

Imagine the article going - We would like to introduce our very own self-built DEX called Universe Hundred points symbol

+1 for branding. And we should consider adding swap as suggested by other members.

FunctionX Swap
FX Swap

@JL23 I also like names with “X” in it.


its good, but it has been used by other project

DeffeX or DeFeX @zaccheah @indra from DeX + FX.

May be Xuniverse

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Name it Archer :rofl: