What should we call our DEX?

thanks but my point is people with not want to bother doing that

Agree. I think if adopted, it will probably be referred to by the community as FXDX, maybe.

Even though Function X is f(x), I tend to type FX instead, even though () are common keyboard symbols.

Hopefully, whatever name gets adopted, the name will eventually be as commonly used as the word HODL.

by the way ( ) where not the symbols I was referring to, there is another before F(x) which I thought was part of the make up, I can’t type it because I don’t have it, or I’ve misunderstood and that symbol is nothing to do with the conversation. lol

It is. The symbol is called the integral.

∫ - This mathematical symbol is called the integral.

I honestly like FX Variable.

There are lots of variables in trading, cryptocurrencies and more.

Also, other popular chains have funny names like pancakeswap, raydium and so on.

Awesome, you collected so much

I agree with @DavidK with the name FXDEX and I also see this suitable name which would be to call them FXCHANGE


Fx - Flip It Quick

:joy: :joy:, what’s cooking? Laughed for a few minutes, thanks.


I agree with FX dex aswell, just letting people know straight away what they’re dealing with!

Still back to my first suggestion FDE(X)

We need your help (again). Product-naming is like naming a kid, seems easy but it’s not.

The view to NOT use Variable is that it is not immediately representative of what it is, and might not be easiest to pronounce in some language.

The view to NOT use fxdex is that there will be other exchanges in Function X in the future, such as pure AMM like Uniswap and fxdex sounds like it has taken over all exchanges but in fact it has a very specific purpose.

Hence, @Peko came up with a few more

A. themarketprotocol.io (stock market)
B. blocksdaq.io (NASDAQ on the blockchain)
C. hedgerprotocol.io (a hedger trade in derivatives for mitigating the risk involved in investments./ Hedgers are primary participants in the futures markets.)

But I think we can also get some great naming ideas here

  • easily relatable to real world derivative assets
  • easy to remember and pronounce
  • available domain name

Please start your creative minds :slight_smile:


I find the name nice: FXCHANGE

Personally because the Variable has already been used I feel it will only make confusion now, other wise I’m not bothered what you call it. C is my choice of the 3 above
HedgeBlockchain.io another suggestion


It sounds soo similar to function X :grinning:

I’ve checked, all the domains are available, dot com, org, net, etc

We all can suggest new names, not just above three. Just to be super clear :slight_smile:



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FunDex) funcex)

Solvere X (solve in latin + our X naming)
Dexy (the sexy DEX :rofl:)
Deus DEX
Block & Load
FX Market

Just some names.