What's next?

Hi the team !

Lots of people is complaining about communication…
I know you have a lot to do, and you accomplished a lot already.
Right now : I think it would be great if you could publish a “dynamic” TODO list on this forum on the multiple sides of the project:

  • functionx.io website
  • f(x)wallet mobile app,
  • XWallet mobile app,
  • FxCore and PundiXChain : IBC, DEX integration (on BSC ? on FXCore?), validators
    …along with the big objectives.

That would give everyone much more visibility on the hard work you achieve…

Thanks !


Let’s not forget to include the metaverse on the roadmap for next year. It seems to gradually become a big deal online and virtual sale is XPOS strong suit.

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What are the plans for Metaverse this year, I’m sure alot of people are really looking forward to hear from the team please @DavidK @zaccheah @Peko @admins