When to "Unstake" FX tokens?

From my understanding, I should click the ‘claim’ button between June 15th-June 21st. Should I also unstake my currently staked tokens at the same time that I claim my first 5% rewards?

Reason I am asking is because I don’t want to unstake early and have it affect the 75M requirement progress bar, but I also don’t want to unstake too late (if there is such a thing as “too late”). Will I lose my tokens if I don’t unstake during the 15th-21st prior to Mainnet?

Hey! You have this post answering your question. He explained very clear. I quoted in a comment the part you are interested in. :point_down:



You can redeem your tokens after the smart contract closes. The 16th would be a safe date to consider unstaking. The fees will hopefully be low around then too.

It is right to worry about the stake amount reduction, but I expect we will have a clear answer after the AMA on the 11th


Great thank you sir!

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