Where wallets are registered as valid ones

When I’m trying to create/import a new f(x) wallet by typing valid phrases in the order which I’ve made up (for which I didn’t create a wallet for it yet), it doesn’t accept it.

In comparison with Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can create/generate a wallet with any combination of phrases you want.

So I believe the app checks whether it exists somewhere (and it was been registered) or not.

Can you briefly explain the process how the wallet is registered and where? Is it some kind of centralized or decentralized list?

For example, can you extract the list of registered wallets using fxcored utility?

In short when you create your 256 bit generative number is created they will turn into the 24 or 12 words in your case you already did the generation so you just decode them to find the random numbers.

Which are two essentials to generate next step.

As from the step above there will be root key generated, this root key varies from wallet to wallet when created as deviation path can be different more or less but they most compatible In most wallets to be read .

Then next step will come which the extended public key which is generated from your root key and it’s children’s.

Xpub works for Bitcoin and Ethereum is nearly the SE but functions Abit different

Now given that explaination above we comes to conclusion to your issue:

first are the words created for Ethereum private key comes from the bip39 protocol list ?

Second as mentioned above most wallet have specific derivative paths or most are all commonly used does the one you used to build you 24 words inline with these paths to used in fx wallet

Most issues for paper based wallets are the derivatives paths. You can check MEW documents explains what I said above in more details.

And for fx core addresses they will have similar structure more or less so you will always need to check the derivatives paths and the main word list

Given all the above there is nothing centralized as everything is random and served to each own user uniquely.

This is just my comment based on my own perosnal knowledge @eduardstal @Richard can give definitely more precise answer


The words must be typed in exactly in the same sequence they were created.When you create a crypto wallet, a seed phrase is automatically generated. Each seed phrase is pulled from a list of simple words

He did it custom offlline, this were the issue inlay I think

Oh, thats different

Thanks, wasn’t aware (or forgotten) that words require a particular structure and the last word is being used for a checksum.

I’ve successfully imported my mnemonic words on BIP39 - Mnemonic Code site (I’ve used offline version) and found my BTC wallet (under BIP49), and ETH wallet (under BIP44) for testing purposes.

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