Why FX coin type is the same as Atom (118)?

Any particular reason why FX has the same coin type as Atom (118)?

See the registered coin types at: slips/slip-0044.md at master · satoshilabs/slips · GitHub

~ # fxcored keys add -h
      --coin-type uint32         coin type number for HD derivation (default 118)

In long term, it can confuse people or when using the websites (where is the list of projects by coin type).

I don’t know about blockchain codes. But I have heard that FX used cosmos to build upon.

Cosmos is only for IBC the rest is pure FunctionX blockchain

There is no particular reason.
both FX and Atom were built using the cosmos-sdk blockchain and no changes were proposed initially so the default values were retained.

yes, if this will cause issues in the future, we can look at proposing a change of the coin type