Why fx don't have road map or target

Why fx team not have road map or target want they want achieve

Change name token from
PXS => PXSXEM > NPXS = pundix

X wallet > fx wallet 2 > fx wallet 3

Just pocus on more productive and not just for change fx wallet ui

What kind wallet fx wallet want to achieve
The old fx wallet is better than this 3 version

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Why adding new tokens has been stoped? There has been no voting for new tokens for almost half a year

adding new token stoped, you can add token or create one on fxcore evm

You can try suggesting some tokens and the reasons why you want it on fxcore :+1:

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Honestly there are no interesting erc20 tokens, but i thought there would be more


i mean team not have blue print for road they want to achived
if team want creating an jet plane
just focus on making jet plane
not making helicopter, or car etc
fx wallet UI i think that perfect, just need fixing bug and feature
why make another UI :sweat_smile:

I happen to like the new layout, everyone is different, the UI changes to everyone’s requests and the wallets requirements to suit the incoming multi blockchain supports, it’s an ever changing environment, you can create a Jet plane from plans because the plans exist, when your the one creating something designed to fit glove hands that are never the same you can’t follow a said plan - the set Basic functionality is the design; it’s just an ever growing extension of the same with additions and improvements

i think we should offer each token we can bridge between so we can go into each eco system prepared. I honestly hate using CEX but i still have too. this would reduce that option and keep the fee’s and transactions in our f(x) eco-system… So how do we do that?

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