Why such high fees for claiming staking PUNDIX reward?

Hey Guys,

Please help me, i don’t understand why there are such high fees to claim my FX tokens.

How to fix it?

250+ dollar is abnormal high, but your 10 dollar aint gonna cut it.
the claim fees are high because of the ethereum network…it sucks.
prepare for fees like 30-50 dollar a transaction

Yes, the fee has absolutely nothing to do with f(x) Wallet or PundiX. As already stated, it is the Ethereum network fee. However, I have never seen the fee that high. This is what I do:

  1. Try at different parts of the day; right when you wake up, lunch, dinner, and go to bed. You will notice a difference.

  2. Look at the market; generally, not always, when the market is exploding, fees explode, because every one is trying to get involved. Generally, not always, the lowest fees have been when the market is crashing. So if you do step 1 over a couple of days, you should see a cheaper window when there is less market activity. These days, unfortunately, I think $30 is going to be cheap. This is why we love the functionx network!!

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