Why the same coin type for testnet?

I’m checking steps at Setting Up a Validator for f(x)Core Testnet, especially Create Your Validator section and I’m trying to understand the step differences between testnet and mainnet (which are not there yet).

However, for testnet I would expect different addresses to be setup.

For example:

~ # echo "dune antenna hood magic kit blouse film video another pioneer dilemma hobby message rug sail gas culture upgrade twin flag joke people general aunt" | fxcored keys add fx1 --recover

- name: fx1
  type: local
  address: fx1zgpzdf2uqla7hkx85wnn4p2r3duwqzd8xst6v2
  pubkey: fxpub1addwnpepq0fm764k7avz9v559ps4w97q6jq4wpnhutcdksp3m85y050e2egzcrft4wx
  mnemonic: ""
  threshold: 0
  pubkeys: []

Note: Don’t worry about the private key, it’s copy-and-paste from here.

So for testnet, shouldn’t we specify a different coin type (–coin-type) (or purpose) like for Bitcoin? See: bips/bip-0044.mediawiki at master · bitcoin/bips · GitHub (where coin type is 1 for testnet, and 0 for main network).

Otherwise how do we differentiate addresses between testnet and mainnet?

agreed. but our setup is slightly different.
with regards to address generation, the rules for address generation are the same which is why they have the same prefix of fx1