Wolfpack validator will be retiring:

Hi Guys… sorry to inform you all that because of a career change event happened to me after starting my fx validator, I am not able to concentrate on it. I will be gracefully decommissioning the wolfpack validator on Jan 31th.

Best wishes for all the validators !

The Jan 31st date is tentative and I plan to decommission only after everyone redeligated their stacks. I will update the validator name to have retiring word in it so that people can notice and redeligate … any other ideas are welcome.


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I vote yes

I’m curious, do you just go on most of the threads and just say I vote yes, because the majority of the threads you post that on, have nothing to do with voting.


Double check if there is some “fxcored” command to trigger all the delegators withdrawal.

@Richard Any suggestions if there is such command? Or some other process to follow?

I would strongly suggest to not simply “unplug” the validator, but, instead, to unbond it (remove self-bonded delegation) so that it will become inactive instead of having a 0.1% jail.
There’s no such command to force delegators to undelegate, even if you’re “the” validator.
@Richard will correct me if I’m wrong.

correctly said @FrenchXCore
@wolfpack64 if the deadline for decommissioning your validator is the 31st of January I suggest following this schedule:

  1. From now till 31st January, notify all your delegators to redelegate (whatever channels you have). this will allow you and your delegators to continue earning rewards as well.
  2. 31st January, you would want to retrieve all your self-delegated FX. this way, existing delegators who have yet to redelegate will automatically undelegate from you and the process will take 21 days. More information can be found here.
  3. This way, you can exit the network without incurring any slashing. If you take it offline (suffer downtime), all your self-delegated and delegated stake will suffer a 0.1% slash.

There isn’t a direct command to trigger all delegators withdrawal but this is an indirect method. Hope that answers your question too @kenorb

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Wolfpack validator is left with ~=2600 staked tokens! … Thanks for spreading the word everyone.

I will now retire the validator gracefully as per Richard suggestion some time Jan end.

As a good will gesture … I will try to refund the 21 day APY missed for this 2600 staked after they are able to verify their address.