XPOS Demo Mode / Keen XPOS Demonstrators

Suggestion 1;

Upon reading an ongoing issue of kyc entanglements, compliance restrictions or vastly the pending regulatory clearances in certain regions, keen active demonstrators from the community can be facilitated by the Team ( @zaccheah & @Peko ) equipped with a demo “verified” XPOS version, to allow Pundians to promote the XPOS face to face to business owners, friends, families, etc.

This XPOS version can be pre-installed verified, unlocking all of it’s features. Maybe even allow test coins to demo from and to xpass, XWallet, FXWallet, visa, Google/apple pay, etc. Actually maybe possible with PundiX Chain… to allow the demo test coins just thinking here out loud.

Suggestion 2;

The team can go even further and perhaps allow a demo of the merchants portal to be tested, on and off ramp, on/off chain features etc etc for merchants. This can allow them to expand their experiences with crypto, merchants UI and differences. Also perhaps feedbacks from these users can be benificial from their legacy merchant’s portal/s, if applicable to them.

I think Pundians can also perhaps use this thread, if they are willing to participate in this live promotions/education such as @Toneavii is willing to do.

Suggestion 3;

Or simply an announcement for mass enrollment program capture, to see how many Pundians are willing to obtain a loaned XPOS unit or a used unit for example, because true Pundians will only seek to expand or request these units, but mainly will be to educate others of cryptocurrencies.

With regulatory issues, I am presuming it won’t have any issues… since it is only for demoing and not actually transferring any real world value (testcoin).

Just typing as I am brainstorming it, so it can contain unforeseen obstacles, please comment if so :slightly_smiling_face:.


I actually bought a unit to demonstrate…a true Pundian. Not looking to sell but to demonstrate and be what I proclaim to be…a Brand Ambassador.


With Regards to KYC;

I KYC’d with a Drivers Licence, as my passport was expired; This was not an option, I just took the chance to enter my details; Perhaps we can look at changing the text on the KYC form??

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@Superbit123 thank you for this. Yes, indeed, I am going this next week to the moda center, which is the arena that houses the Portland trailblazers basketball team.

A unlocked demo, again even with test coins would be amazing.

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I would be happy to demonstrate machines in Australia; If I had some help to set the appointments I an confident I could push real use downunder…

Thanks for your suggestion as always! A demo account can be set up for the potential merchants and distributors. However, the functionalities are limited because the withdrawal from the merchant portal and crypto sale feature cannot be activated without KYC verified. As for merchant and distributor portal, we have online video tutorials so that people can check what the portals look like and how to operate. Here is the link: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwydGr9Zk8aKtc6R3GauJ0uZk7NpXRIlc

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For KYC form, passport will be ideal because we are dealing with distributors in over 30 countries. The ID has to be recognized internationally, which is why passport is most preferred. For merchants, the local distributor can use their local 3rd KYC service providers to verify merchants which is the easiest and most compliant, convenient way. If there’s no local distributor, we still need to follow international standards.

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Could we perhaps complete our KYC as a user of the Machine before Demo??? Im assuming most of us here have completed this…

@Peko @Superbit123

I will be printing on legal format paper and seeing who I can present to tomorrow. Any other tips or suggestions are appreciated


Morning, the poster looks great and it has a very western most wanted theme.

Maybe have as Peko suggested the YouTube videos, extra physical materials at hand (perhaps even print some of my stuff to hand out, eg the XPOS utilities).

This could be a practise run for yourself to see pros and cons of spieling.

The pros and cons of blockchain tech, first in the world by PundiX, tested in 30+k people in ultra Taiwan music festival over a 2 day period without any hiccups whatsoever.

Mainnet imminent;
The benifits of mainnet.
No monthly fees, lower fees, etc etc. I think I have a long list of stuff here for all pros.

Maybe have a tablet at hand to quickly demonstrate videos… Let me find the list of stuff why it’s great.

Sorry i have to type fast getting late this morning but wanted to get at least something over to you.

Hope this helps and all the best;