XPOS for e-commerce

Hi everybody :wave: :wave:

I couldn’t find anything related to XPOS for e-commerce, does it currently exist?

For sure our main product is to sell XPOS all over the World, and it’s doing very well. But if an e-XPOS is not created, then we must to take a look on it. We have a huge market right there.

For example, if we partner with Shopify, WordPress (plugin), Wix, Squarespace, or even Origin Protocol… It would be so nice, really.


An e-commerce API would be great. Just an FYI, this has been suggested to the team by many :slightly_smiling_face: they are fully aware of it.

A workaround so far is the collect feature eg; but we need something more robust and hard hitting the Market sectors.


Thanks @Superbit123!

You are right, it should be more robust, but it’s nice to know the team is aware of this. Any update will be welcomed.