XPOS fund

Hi Team I 100% agree with zac 100 XPOS in el salvador will not be enough. My suggestion could we start a fund, where PUNDIX or FX holders can send a small amount of crypto to fund more XPOS machines for emerging countries looking to adopt Crypto?

I would happily donate or even put money in on a semi regular basis. If 10,000 people put in $100
That would give us 2,000 XPOS machines.
Its an easy bet for people who believe in the project because the faster we achieve adoption the more our tokens will go up in value.

Please more comments or ideas. And please team take this seriously!! As a community we are behind this project and as a community we are more powerful. I like the headline of 2000 XPOS going to el salvador than 100.

It may even be that even people not part of PUNDIX may contribute as they want to see Crypto adopted in general


I’m down over 75% in my PUNDI investment. I need a fund too. :joy::rofl::weary:


:slight_smile: but you are not alone in the struggle bro!!!
But I think they need to make a lot more Epos quickly… domino’s are gone fall.


PS: Tomk, think they can produce the Epos cheaper then your calculation… I presume they take a bit of profit on each one they sell.


Yes some people have lost money, but the best way to recover their money is to achieve adoption. A $50 investment could mean 200-1000% return. Also instead of a buy back they could send more XPOS but I would personally rather the community get in and fund this


I’ve suggested this so many times over the years to crowd fund more XPOS, and I have always been against buy backs, never saw any positives from them, imo it’s a waste of eths. Could have been spent on marketing and other things such as more XPOS for El Salvador, or any other upcoming countries distributing more than 100 next time… Eg Panama :crossed_fingers:

The team may need to expand as well, if more and more countries start accepting btc as legal tender.


Sorry I am a bit slow today, 100s of messages after opening the phone tonight. Look at this, i just saw this now; it’s kinda relative to what we speaking about.



@Tomk some? Try 85%

I also lost a lot so far. Don’t bring your emotions in the game.

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Yeah, I know that sucks. Crypto unfortunately is very volatile, it can do up 1000% and down 1500% and so on. I do believe that this low will not last forever. But we must achieve adoption.

@This_Dutch_guy not much on the emotional side, just stating facts. If you haven’t read. My article about my experience so far feel free to read.


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Now it’s 90% loss. Lmfao. Oh man.

I’ve used to have $20k, now is close to $2k…

Projects didn’t lose the % we have lost here, this is the reason that something is doing wrong.

Everyone here know this project technically is one of the best because of the real uses, but Communication, Marketing and Advertising… Here is where they fail. And I don’t know why it doesn’t be change, I work in the finance sector, strategy, consulting… If they don’t take action here, what ever they achieve, most of people won’t know about it and price will continue be pushing down. Demand is lower than offer, so price goes down basically.

This has to be rethink.

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it is a whirlwind of very bad timing.

Things started with a natural correction from such a huge growth. The delays in exchange relistings compounded the panic.

We then entered a bearish BTC period which makes all alt coins suffer.

You have to keep in mind what the true chart for NPXS-> PundiX looks like from a total perspective.

Upbit is the largest by volume NPXS/PundiX exchange and was the driver of the growth NPXS saw at the beginning of the year.

What I would consider is that there are market forces that have caused more pull back on PundiX than was warranted.

Lets look at another coin for example.

Bit Torrent Token BTT

You can see that a similar “pop off top” style event happened and has not found lower support on that token as well.

Do you see the similarities?


Sure!! I still believe. This project is different from other. “To Bank the Unbanked” ( @rob ).

Numbers are there, we have to accept them, take a look at the future and keep believing in the team.

Nevertheless, I keep saying that Communication, Marketing and Advertising have to be changed here. Things will be easier and better if this is made.

And one more important thing…

I’ll HODL until die. That’s for sure.



@PundianX I’ve reached out several times. And nothing.

Just to clarify myself, I wasn’t saying small investors to fund XPOS machines but bigger players with bigger gains to be had. I have already offered an XPOS to the team. I am not a massive holder but I am looking to accumulate 100,000 Fx and 20,000 Pundix.

@Toneavii I wouldn’t say nothing, I know I have personally set up a video call meeting between you and @indra. We’ve just sent 50 more XPOS’es to El Salvador. We’re in the middle of launching our Main-net. We’re coming up with various programs and events on a monthly basis to fit our community’s needs.

@PundianX Of course, more marketing and advertising is always a good idea, but how would we go about having successful campaigns, we’re open to new ideas. What campaigns have you seen having success with other companies (Not necessarily crypto companies), also please give a concise example.

Also, bringing the price argument in this early bear-market is not fair.


That’s exactly my goal actually. About 60% done, 40% to go.

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Ok, let’s analyze what is going on here @eduardstal

Starting with FX:

  • If I take last 10 posts this is what I find → 80% are retweets, 20% own posts. And that 20% are not moving people and audience to your website, they are going to medium. People who invest in your crypto are not technical, so you don’t have to send them to medium, you have to send the gross audience to your website. Creating a simple and friendly blog. And if people want to know more about it link that post of your website to medium.

  • If I take las 50 posts this is what I find → 61% retweets and 39% own post linked the majority of them to also medium.

  • In the moment that Communication had to be perfectly done, because of the Mainnet Launch tweets had been majority retweets from community. This have to be changed. Do you want to engage people? You have to do it by yourself, community is good, and retweets are also good, but company has to do it. Maybe 80% own post, 20% retweets is a good relation.

  • I think and it’s my opinion, that team thought people would stake FX and Mainnet will be launched early, but you didn’t think the other situation, that is the one we have. Not 100% achieved. With this situation We know, a week before ended the staking time, that the team will complete the remaining FX. That’s cool. We are going to launch FX Mainnet that’s incredible!! But if a wouldn’t be here, and I want to invest, I have not time to keep reading medium posts. It should be easier, people have had know the important move we are, and all we have is this:

Why? Sorry, but I have to think that nobody is behind Social Media. You won’t sell something because of the technology, you sell something because of the purpose you search with it. Then you have to have what you said but this is a easy step here because of the great technical team we have.

  • One more think related to branding. @rob created some beautiful logos, branding posters and GIFs. Better than we have. This was made a few weeks ago, even months. And nothing has changed. You have the opportunity to have a great designer for the team, that knows about all projects, PundiX and FunctionX, and crypto space. And nothing has changed.


  • If I take last 10 posts I find this → 50% retweets and 50% own posts. This is more understandable.

  • If I take las 50 posts I find this → 61% retweets and 39% own posts. Same problem here. And most of them are linked to Medium not your website, so the SEO of your website don’t be increased.

  • X logo is quite different from a project to another. So people can’t find the connection.

  • With PundiX we have really really good news with Paraguay and El Salvador and if I look at the account I don’t figure it out if it is a good news or not. If I don’t know about the project before and I come there (Twitter account) I can’t find something as clear as water that tells me this is a good news. We all here actually know what it means but not those people whom don’t know or don’t understand the projects. Simpler it’s better.

This is not like Bitcoin which is moved from the community to the community. This is a company that earns money selling XPOS and services. So Communication, Marketing and Advertising have to be done from the Team/Company to the Community. Community can push and spread news. But we cannot be the main power here.

Also, a multinational company have to have no barriers with languages, if you want to Bank the Unbanked, most of that people surely don’t know others languages so it’s necessary to do in different languages. My opinion.

And finally, sorry @rob for name you here again, but it would be great if you can explain your views. You did really good designs and you have in mind something really cool for the project. So please, explain us what you have in mind. This is the moment.

When things are doing well I congratulate the Team and everyone here. But now what I see is another thing, I don’t mind prices. Some days are up others are down, I know why invested here and I will stay here for a long time, but this is the moment the take a step forward and change those things needed.

Thank you for your time and efforts Team, this is just the beginning :muscle: :muscle:


This is extremely well put together. Thank you for making things so concise and well thought out.

I agree with everything stated here. The Twitterverse and medium marketing efforts are… Limp at best.

This is the age of regular live streams, AMA’s ( i have already made a comment about this in my own thread), FAQ, WIKI, and organized Community Management events.

For example lets look at how Charles Hoskinson of ADA handles that community with his youtube channel.


Consider the engagement and touchpoints so much vocal presentation can offer.

I am not saying that we must emulate this behavior entirely, but what should be reapproached is even just the way PundiX youtube started.

It would go a long way along side embracing things like what @PundianX has called out.