XPOS Price management / Xwallet fees

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i ask this question here after ask it on zendesk and still received no answer.

I can see a huge spread between price on XPOS and market on some token particulary when market dump.

The most strongest is on FX, for exemple today and since at least a week ago on XPOS is it at rate of 1€09 instead it was many days at 0€90 and today at 0€79 but still at 1€09 on XPOS. It’s appear on Bitcoin too, BNB, sometimes on PUNDIX.

Why ? is the team is working for fix that ? May be using an oracle like chainlink ? It is very frustrating because i incentive people to use Xwallet but they actually buy token higher than normal price. So frustating !

I want to emphasize too a probleme with withdrawal fees on Xwallet, on bitcoin it’s 0.001 BTC (41 usd !) on Fx it’s 90 Fx ( 70 usd), on PUNDIX 62 ( 55 usd ). If we compare with exchange it’s too much expensive particulary for low budget. How seduce new users like this ? Our project isn’t it massive adoption ? It would be better with pundix ecosystem no ?

Do you plan to let us withdrawall on bsc, pundixchain or Fxchain, with less fees from Xwallet ?

Do you plan to list PURSE on Xwallet and XPOS ?

Thank you for your responses, i am a pundix holder since 2019, i really appreciate the project but sometimes i don’t understand some stuff like this.

We have many advantage in this project please work on it for being strongher on the market.

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I vote for yes

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