XPOS- Targeting Dubai market

Hi Pundix team,
I was wondering why not targeting Dubai and distribute XPOS there?!. As you know, Dubai has been rapidly growing in the last decades with a focus on tourism and accepting investors from all over the worlds. And most of the population living there are from all over the world. In terms of cryptocurrency, I think they legalising it’s use. I am sure if you start using it in Dubai, then it will be easily accepted and spread in other parts of the Middle East.

As you can see the uploaded picture down, news from ARAB NEWS, stating that
Dubai-owned licencing firm is accepts cryptocurrency as a payment. And the whole country in general aims to use blockchain technology for 50% of government transaction this year.

I would like to hear your thoughts. And I hope if you will be the first ones who enter their market.


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Hi, have you ever read this news in Dubai in 2019? The game has already started :wink:

Just to make sure, this is the same news issued by Pundix team themselves on Medium. UAE TRA certification paves way for wider blockchain adoption in the UAE and Middle East region… | by Pundi X (writers) | Pundi X | Medium


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you missed that we are already there :smiley: @zelaapay is the distributor partner of xpos there and as you see in the pictures is doing big advertisementa